Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 questions with Lauren

Lauren is a hot young diva just starting in modeling. I found out about her by clicking on to the link of her group through another group. Looking at her portfolio, I found a top model in the making. When I asked to interview her, she agreed with enthusiasm and excitement. She is heading to college in the fall, and I am sure she will be a star on her campus. Say hello to the beautiful model Lauren!

What got you into modeling?
I Love to be In front of the camera.

Who would you say is your role model when it comes to modeling?
Tyra Banks.

Let’s see, I’ve seen you on your group and Model Mayhem. Are you on any other sites?
Hope to do more in the future.

Are you planning on getting a site together?
I'm thinking about it seriously. Just getting ready for college at this point.

What would you say is your best feature?
My Legs. What do you think?

I’m sure the fellas will want to know-are you single or taken?
I'm Single.

When you model, what do you feel most comfortable in?
I'm comfortable in anything and any setting.

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of?
King.....Maxim Magazine

If you had a choice of videos,which one would you be in? A dirty south crunk video or would you go with a "hyphy" video?
Dirty Dirty baby

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word...........Exotic

Sites: Imodel,Newtrendz,Newfaces,Model Mayhem,Photosite,Yahoo Group

Lauren's "favorites":
Type of flower- Daisy
Type of car-Corvette
Brand of jeans-Baby Phat
Brand of lingerie-Victoria Secret
Type of food-Sea Food
Mixed drink-Pomegranate Martini
Day of the week-Wednesday
Actor or Actress- Jude Law Dennis Haysbert
Rapper- T.I./Lil Wayne
Book-Tears of a Tiger
Free time activity-Sleeping/eating
Celebrity-Tyra Banks
Flavor of Ice Cream-Cookies and Cream

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