Friday, May 05, 2006

Interview w/Aura Harewood

Aura Harewood is a beautiful young lady from Georgia who like myself went to the Mecca of African American education, Howard University! On HU’s campus, she was part of activities, ranging from the HU Showtime Marching Band Ooh La La! Dancers to the Golden Key International Honor Society.
She is a stunning and classy looking woman who has much wide variety of experiences, from including appearing in music videos such as Dave Banner’s "Crank it Up" and 50 Cent’s "Piggy Bank" (she was the motion captured for the animated dancer) to being on the cover of the book "Someone Else’s Puddin". When she isnt modeling she works as a TV show Production Assistant, working on such shows as Elimidate and American Idol. She’s headed to New York and I know she will take the big apple by storm. I’ve been admiring Aura’s work on the net for a while now so I am so glad that I finally got an interview with her. Check it out!

Why did you want to become a model?

To be honest, I actually always wanted to be a model when I was younger because I felt it was a glamour career that would allow me to make money playing dress up. LoL. Of course, I now realize there is a lot more to modeling and it is not as easy or glamourous as it seems.

What do you bring to modeling?

I feel that I bring personality, class, and enthusiasm to modeling. I am also a hard working, dedicated individual, and when I am in front of a camera I try to give it all that I have, regardless of how long I have been shooting.

What is your favorite part about being a model?

The two types of modeling that I do are print and promotional, because I am somewhat vertically challenged. LoL. I love doing promotional modeling, because it allows me to network, meet all different types of people, and sometimes even brighten someone's day.
I love doing print as well, because it allows me to transform in front of the camera. I love looking at my pictures and being able to say "Wow! That's me?"

Do you have any career-goals in the future?

As far as modeling goes, I would love to get to the point where I am a household name, but at the same time I know modeling is a short-term career. I obtained my BA degree with a TV Production major with hopes of becoming a producer and a casting director. This is an obtainable goal that I am currently pursuing as well.

What is your most defining feature?

My lips and eyes are what most people notice first and compliment me on the most.

What’s the best advice ever given to you?

I have been given a lot of good advice, but as far as modeling goes, the best advice that has been given to me has been: "Don't let people box you in, or tell you what type of model you are. You have to act like you're better than that and stay true to yourself. You can't be Tyra Banks, you can only be you, and that is special enough." My roommate told me that a couple of days ago, and it is definitely something that is going to stick with me.

What do you hope to do in the modeling in the future? Any pay sites? Or are you taking it all the way to America's Top Model?

I do have a Yahoo! group for those that would like to learn more about me and are interested in following my career. Please check it out and feel free to join. Here's the link:

Check Aura Harewood out on the following sites:
Omni Girls
Her Musecube
Her site of the Daily Call
She's also on Myspace

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