Sunday, May 28, 2006

Interview w/Vannette AKA the Black Barbie

Vannette has a nickname of the Black Barbie and with good reason. Vannette is a mesmerizing model. Her parents hailing from Liberia and currently residing in the DC Metro area, Vannette has been modeling for a few years now. I first found Vanette on the site Women to Desire and on her Yahoo Group. Having emailed her a few times and participated in her group, I found that Vanette is always very warm and welcoming to everybody who just says hello and gives her feedback. She's the epitome of sexiness, and excudes sensuality and feminity that is as irresistable as it is spellbinding. Say hello to Vannette!

What got you into modeling? I dated a male model during my freshman year of college. I would go to all of his fashion shows and one day I was watching some of the female models walk the runway and I was like "I can do that!" So I contacted some photographers, got a portfolio together, and the rest is history.

What do you bring to the modeling field or game? Dark-skinned females are under-represented in the industry today. Because I am a dark-skinned female and I am not the stereotypical, thin, tall light skinned model; I bring a completely different look to the market.

What is your most defining feature? Do I have to say just one? I would say my eyes. Most guys would say my breasts.

In taking photos, what are you most comfortable in? I am very confident, versatile, and I love trying new things, so I am comfortable in almost anything I wear, as long as I feel comfortable and sexy in it.

What is your favorite part about being a model? I love the fact that I can play a role in capturing a moment in time and telling a story through an image. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and get into characters that I never thought were in me.

Which magazine would you appear on the cover of if you had a choice? W Magazine! I have been a fan of W for the longest time. Although my look isn't the typical haute couture look, I would jump at the opportunity to grace the cover of such a prestigious fashion publication.

For the fellas reading this blog, I got a question. R u single or taken? Do I have to answer that? lol. I'm somewhere in the middle right now.

Another question Im sure the fellas will want to know, what are you most likely to wear to the beach? To bed? At the beach, you will probably see me in a bikini with a pair of shorts, flip flops, and some hot sunglasses. I wear whatever I'm comfortable in to bed. My favorite thing to sleep in is a giant XXL T-shirt.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to work out, cook, read fashion magazines, design clothes (lok out for my line... Summer 2006), go to lounges, make/spend money, and spend time with the people with whom I am closest.

Do you have any career-goals in the future in modeling? I plan to take modeling as far as I can. I want to be seen on magazine covers, videos, and international runways. I would also love to use my modeling career as a stepping stool to the industry. I'll be graduating from college in December '06 with a major in mass communication and a minor in PR/Advertising, so my career goal is to host an entertainment TV show and move on to start my own PR/Advertising firm and a modeling agency which will represent models of various ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. After that I plan to go back to my home country, Liberia, and help rebuild.

Do you have any plans on making a website? I will be launching a wesbite late this summer. Look out for

What’s the best advice ever given to you? One of my best friends from high school died of cancer in 2004. Before she passed away she wrote an article for a local newspaper in which she said, "Life may not be about living until you are 90. Maybe life is just about coming to understand it and being at peace with what you have been given."

Sum up yourself or your style with one word, any word...... Sexy

Her sites:Myspace, Yahoo Group, Musecube, Women To Desire, Model Mayhem, Her website (coming soon) ,One Model Place

Vannette's favorites!
Color: Pink
Type of flower: Rose
Type of car: don't have one
Musical artist: Michael Jackson
Brand of jeans: Paper Denim
Brand of lingerie: Victoria's Secret
Movie: Crash
Food: Palava Sauce and Fufu (a traditional Liberian dish)
Mixed Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
Sports Team: I'm not really into sports.
Day of the week: Friday
Actor (or actress): Al Pacino
Rapper: LL Cool J (I've loved this man since I was 4 when "Round the Way Girl came out lol"
Book: Catcher in the Rye
Thing to do in free time: use my creative energy to do something positive
Perfume and Cologne: Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Eternity by Calvin Klein for me. Vera Wang for Men or Versace Dreamer for my man
Celebrity: Mariah Carey
Flavor of Ice Cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough

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