Friday, May 12, 2006

"Models are everywhere....but never at your music video shoots".

"Models are everywhere....but never at your music video shoots". It seems like all the hot ones never come out. Are they just too busy with photo shoots, calendars, fighting off stalkers, etc? Are you having a problem with getting models to support your projects? There are some things that you can do to increase your chances of having a successful video shoot, commercial or whatever it is you require beauties to attend. Let us give you some insight as to how you might be able to pull this off and get that girl who looks like "Melissa Ford, Tyra Banks, or Eva Pigford" on your next project.

First, proper planning is the key for any successful event turnout. The same way you take the time to promote your event, you might want to put the same effort into scouting for models. This is especially so if you have a project which depends on the look of models to be a hit.

You don't want to start making phone calls and sending out emails two days before your project is to kick off. People have lives and are very busy these days. At least try to make contact with the models you are interested in having two weeks or so in advance. You want to provide them with as many details as possible. First and foremost, who you are and what you represent. Give them exact times, accurate phone numbers and addresses. You might include a schedule of what will happen at your event so that they have an idea of how things will run. Make sure you come correct on this one. If you don't have a manager or publicist to make these calls for you, maybe you should seek out the help of a model agency or management company. Many times they will forward your request to models that are in your area and interested in your type of event.

Second, you really don't want to waste anyone's time. It's the one thing you can't really compensate for or gain back once it's gone. Do you really want to insure that the hot model you contacted will participate in your project. You probably need to make allowances in your budget to compensate models for their time. At the very least give them gas money. But if you put aside $150.00 - $300.00, maybe that will allow you to have at least 2 - 5 of your top choice models available. Even if you are on a limited budget, you might want to ask them what their rates are per hour or day. This gives you points in their book, because now they see you are serious not just about your project but about the people you have involved.

You'll have to think about this one. Quality or quantity. One or two hot models might be more effective than a crowd of women in your video. Determine what your focus will be and make adjustments accordingly. Personally, I would rather have the one hot model on the close up scenes than shooting into a crowd. Take some notes from the mainstream guys but don't try to over do it folks. Their budgets are more accommodating than yours. Don't think for a second that models are just poppin' up on videos sets for free.

Hopefully all this helps you to get your game on track with the models and your music videos looking like you got the "Hype" treatment. The bottom line is that proper planning and budgeting will get you almost everything you need for a successful project. And even though Tyra Banks may not show up at your video .... you'll get some models that look just as hot.

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From the website DC Music and Models

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