Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hot pic....Innocense

Check out the stunning model Innocense on her Yahoo!group
She also has a 2nd Yahoo!Group. My interview with Innocense is coming soon!

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lorne said...

ma'am i like what i read up on and about you. you seem to be a very interesting and enaging young woman at that. as far as your profile goes its top notch. i don't want to be one of those guys that sound so mushy at first. but i speak what i feel and my being an older man i'll only come at you right. i will say this is that you just do the best you can and you'll get out of life and modeling what ever you put in it ok. the stars are your ceiling, reach for them and you'll have much success in this life and world. in my departure, i will say this if in fact you are single then the man who does finally wins your heart will undoubtebely have a good woman. that is my belief i enjoyed knowing a part of your life