Saturday, June 17, 2006

Interview w/Darnell "Unique"Haggans

Every model should know the Candyman if they don't already. I have always found him to be consistent, with a neverending presence. If you are a member of his Yahoo Group, you always know whats going down with him. One Saturday night I was listening to Funkadelic and he IM'd me, and this interview below is the resulting conversation. We had a lot in common, we both like Funkadelic and hot models, and we both have long term ambitions or one day working with Beyonce. With his talent, abilities, and genius, he'll get there long before me! Check out my conversation with the Candyman!

Im talking to fashion impressario darnell unique haggans, the genius behind the unique candy wraps...let me first ask u to tell us about yourself....

Briefly or in details?(lol)

Give me details.....

Ok.......I was born in Clarksdale, MS. ( along with my belated twin-brother "Carnell" ).We both were gifted by GOD. I started sewing at the age of 14 From that point on, I decided to explore what it was like to take fabric to make it into several forms of garments in many styles and sizes.Briefly.... I AM molded into a "master fashion designer".

What is the concept behind "Unique Candy Wraps"?

Well..... it all started in Atlanta, Ga........I was having a break at a downtown strip club.......I was sitting at the bar enjoying myself talking with a dancer.... I saw another dancer all upset. So, I asked her "What's wrong my dear?" She had such a sour and bitter attitude. I simply told her that I was a fashion designer at that particular moment. I also told her that she needs to be sweet like candy with her attitude. She says "Why?" I answered with...I will start wrapping you up in my unique designs and you will become a sweet candy. Transforming into UNIQUE CANDY WRAPS! Unique is my designer name / Candy is a female ( model / dancer / woman ) and......... Wraps are the garments that are custom-made to fit her body accordingly.

Tell me about the Unique Candy Wraps it tailor made for models, or is it for even like the common woman.....

It's for ANY woman ( not little girls )...... that comes in all sizes ( regardless of her nationality ).All tailor made to fit precisely well.

Is it available to be purchased online?

Not at this point. But can be done in person.

Do you make hats, shirts, pants, or all of these?

Hats ( some ).......... but other items mentioned ( yes )

What is your vision for Unique Candy Wraps, or I guess the future vision you have for it?

Well, basically Unique Candy Wraps is my women clothing line. Along with my men's line: Unique Candyman Collection. However, I do plan to conduct my own apparel clothing manufactory.... namimg it: I AM UNIQUE, Inc. That's my ultimate vision.

Thats you also can do mens clothes as well....when will you show those designs....??

I will reveal my men's line as soon as I have my very own runway fashion show. Perhaps, in Atlanta, GA. or N.Y.C. I do have on a walking suit .... on the cover of, which is designed by me and my twin-brother ( Carnell ).

You have a twin brother...i did not know that...thats double let me get down to the nitty've interacted with a lot of models and this is a weblog about what are your observations about models???Anything that you like or dislike???

Before I answer that good question. I must confess that my twin-brother died in 1999. But I AM looking forwards to carry out our goal. Now, for the models....... I learned that very few of them are aware of the difference between retailed garments and tailored garments. Very few knows how to WEAR clothings during a particular photoshoot. Same applies to the photographers. It seems to me that the models are more focused on promoting their body instead of the product. It's takes a prefessional model to comprehend that a real model is a "saleperson". A model MUST sell the product. NOT her body.

So for some of these young models starting yahoo groups, hooking up with photographers and building portfolios, what advice do you give so they can step up their game.....

I suggest that they stay away from these un-real photographers........... they need to stop taking A & T photos.......... and stop focusing too much on fast money.

Do you have any favorite models?


Who would you say is your favorite??

MAXINE SCOTTTT!! ( # 1 )....NEFERTITI.......eBONII.......MONICA DYAMONDZ\...... so many!!! (lol)

LOL......if you had a chance to work with a "supermodel" or celebrity, which one would be your first choice?


Yeah me too....LOL.....what do you think about the urban fashion know, Fubu, Sean John, Rocafella.....and do you have a favorite fashion designer or role model?

To be honest........ I was designing before they existed (lol) but, my favorite role model is ME. Every1 should be themselves. Be unique

I feel ya you are unique.....

Just being Darnell Unique Haggans. We all have a gift from God.Being creative is power.

I've asked all the questions I can think of, and so my last question is, what's next for the Candyman?

My next mission is to create jobs for young high school graduates. To conduct the APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM for any1 who wants to learn the true trade of "master tailoring". We need more "tailors", not just seamstresses and fashion designers.

Good luck Darnell!

Check out his Yahoo!Group , his page on Modelplace , and his Musecube site.

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