Sunday, June 25, 2006

Player Watch:America's Next Top Model's Bre

Harlem student turned model Bre earned the respect of supermodel Tyra Banks as well as the attention of millions of households worldwide by appearing on "America's Next Top Model". Although she didn't go home with the top honors, Bre has gone on to manage her own modeling career, successfully landing herself modeling jobs with SoftSheen-Carson and BET's "Rip the Runway"- making the Uptown beauty a Player to Watch in 2006.

Most followers of Tyra Banks' hit show "America's Next Top Model" can tell you that the best woman does not always win the title. Many might say that was the case when Bre finished third during the show's 5th season, but the 19-year-old took her loss in stride and has parlayed the skills from the show into a full-time hustle.

"My best experience on the show was just getting picked. That was a wonderful feeling. I stayed focused for two months. I went to L.A., I went to London, I met people I never would have met. That show was tiring, but it was a good experience. All in all it taught me how to model and how to take pictures," Bre told SOHH.

While many viewers tune in to ANTM precisely for the drama factor, Bre told SOHH that she tried to block out her housemates and often used her Uptown roots as a motivational reminder."It's hard living with 13 girls; that never gets easier... As far as females go and the competition, what gave me my drive was that I had a purpose for coming. I could always remember that I live in a two bedroom apartment with my mother and my two brothers. Whether or not I won I knew I was there to be successful and that was my focus," Bre explained.

While many of the ANTM runners-up have signed with top modeling agencies after their TV debuts, Bre opted to book her own jobs rather than be one of many faces at a large agency."Everything I've done I've been freelancing. I've booked some wonderful things for myself, plus that money is coming to me, I don't have to pay anybody but me. As far as agencies are concerned, I have a management team, I have a great publicist and we're doing a great job. I'm not rushing into the limelight because I'd rather have longevity than two minutes of fame. You only have one shot and I just want to do it right, that's it," Bre told SOHH.

Although she's no longer appearing in front of a panel of judges, Bre has continued to raise the bar for herself, rising to new challenges she's given herself taken from feedback received on the show.

"As soon as the show was over I did a photo shoot to give myself another portfolio. On the show they weren't sure I could be edgy, so I went in and took really edgy pictures. I proved to myself that I could do it," Bre recalled.

In the months since her ANTM stint Bre has proven herself to a number of big name clients. In addition to walking in Alice + Olivia's New York Fashion Week show, Bre has graced the pages of ESSENCE and VIBE magazines and been named a spokeswoman for SoftSheen-Carson.

Still, for the young woman who says her dream job would be walking the runway in couture Chanel, Ralph Lauren or Marc Jacobs or appearing as a Victoria's Secret girl for their Juniors line Pink, Bre is enjoying the control she can exercise over her own career.

"The best part of my job is waking up everyday and knowing I work hard for myself, and everything I get out is what I put in for myself and my business," Bre told SOHH.

Bre's Play-o-Graphy
Soft Sheen-Carson spokesperson - "I'm one of the new faces of "Dark and Lovely" they cut my hair and they colored it. It's like an auburn red."
Essence Magazine April & May issues
Vibe Magazine May issue
BET's "Rip the Runway"
Fashion Week- Walked for Alice + Olivia
Relocating to Los Angeles

Chris Brown- "I think he's gonna do really really good"
Troy Monaco- Mega Management, Bre's Publicist
Ashuntu- makeup artist (MAC)
T.D. Entertainment - Management company
Bre- "I have to say myself. Stay on the look out for me."

Quote of the Year
"You have to crawl before you can walk."

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lorne said...

ma'am i like what i read up on and about you. you seem to be a very interesting and enaging young woman at that. as far as your profile goes its top notch. i don't want to be one of those guys that sound so mushy at first. but i speak what i feel and my being an older man i'll only come at you right. in my departure, i will say this is that you always remember where you came from in life and that will push you further to succceed in hieghts not yet achieved by you. the stars are your ceiling, reach for them and you'll have much success in this life and world. i quit watching tyra's show after the 2nd one. i thought she didn't treat the black women there right and janet really ran it. i'll leave you with these words of wisdom. that whoever the man that finally wins your heart will undoubtebely have a good woman. that is my belief i enjoyed knowing a part of your life