Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Interview with Carolyn Delor

I first found out about Carolyn Delor on the site One Model Place. What I liked about her was her skin tone, her eyes and her shape. She started out on that site and with her extraordinary look she created a website, has been featured on many other websites, and most recently she has been featured in the latest issue of The Show. This issue is out in stores now, so get a copy, and check her out! Say hello to the lovely Carolyn Delor!

Where did you get your start?I got my start on a website called one model place.

Have you been in any videos? At this time I have not done the videos I would like but I have done some.

Also, tell us about some of the magazine spreads you have done. Well, I have graced the cover of FBM Flamboyant Magazine in 2005, Rolling Out Magazine, Diya Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and my upcoming spread in Show Magazine this June 2006 (note:as of this entry the magazine is on store shelves,as specified in the introduction!).

What challenges have you faced in modeling? The challenges I have faced are some people in the industry seeking to only mislead me and manipulate my intelligence on staying focused positivity for my future and having the wisdom to keeping God in my corner, so that I will not fall for anything negative.

Who is your agent? At this present time I am not presented by an agent, although I am working on finding a legit professional agency that will help me further my career in modeling.

Having had a lot of experience in modeling, what advice would you give for these young models starting out? Keep God first and don't let anyone try to destroy what your main goal is; that is to only be the best Model you can be. There will be obstacles in this business, yet, remain humble and always have respect for yourself because if you don't respect yourself no one else will.

I've noticed that a lot of popular models are coming from Texas, so I was wondering with you being there, is there a lot of competition for jobs? Yes,Yes, Yes, there are so many beautiful women in Dallas Texas and so few jobs, so it definitely makes it harder to get gigs.

What makes you successful against all the competition? Humm, what ah' profound question? I think that I stand out from most models because I have been taught by the best teacher that ever walked the planet ( Mommy ).Not only do I have a certain look that many markets can benefit from. I also have a go-get-it type of attitude. My ability to reach for the stars has gotten me a very long way.

What do you consider your best physical asset? I think my best asset is my face structure.

The fellas might want to know-what do you wear to the beach? I wear a swim suit that makes me feel sexy.

To bed?I wear only a tiny tee shirt with no panties.

They also want to know-are you single or taken? I am happily in a relationship.

What man would you go for, one who is book smart or street smart? I like both qualities so he would have to be the two of them combined.

What is next for Carolyn Delor? What's next for me is whatever God, has in mind.

Thanks so much for answering my questions. You can see more of Carolyn Delor at her website. Now my last question is if you could describe yourself with one word, what would the word be? Enthusiastic

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