Saturday, August 19, 2006

The "Flavor of Love" Girls

I have to admit it, but months ago, I wasn't feeling the whole "Flava of Love" concept. A friend of mine got me into it because she showed me pics of Hoopz AKA Darling Nikki and said she was on the show! I had been digging Nikki for years when she was on the EyeCandyModeling website. So, I had to tune in and see what was up!

Watching the rest of the show, I got hooked. Now, its Flava of Love #2, and this set of girls has more internet models. My favorite has to be the irresistable Buckeey AKA Shay Johnson.One scene of her pulling back her shorts to reveal her booty and letting fellow contestant Nibblz kiss it has to be the hottest moment in VH1 history. The owner of the Flavor of Love blog and me agree; that scene was unforgettable!

This season has inspired some debate, like on the All Hip Hop message board and AfterEllen. Does it degrade black women? Is it too explicit? People might think so after they saw the fight between the two contestants in the first show where the black woman pretty much stomped this white girl, the one girl named Somethin' took a dump on Flav's floor, and what about the "booty shake" contest the girls had amongst themselves when Flav was gone?

The way I look at it is that it is a fun show, with beautiful women of every race and persuasion having a good time. Its one of the unrealest "reality" TV shows ever, so I don't even consider it "reality TV". As much as any sista out there asks "Why would any woman want Flava Flav?", the last series season finale was the highest rated show in VH1's history. Its obvious; Flav's a fun guy who keeps the show moving! But, would I watch a Flavor of Love #3? I don't know. That would be really pushing it!

VH1: The Flavor of Love #2 Girls
Myspace pages of the Flavor of Love girls: Beautuful ,Nibblz, Payshyntz,Bootz,Buckwild, pics of Choclate, Deelishis, Like Dat, Spunkeey and Shay!

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