Sunday, October 08, 2006

America’s Next Top Model Season 7 Episode 3

I guess I should start writing my own recaps of America's Next Top Model. Until then, here is a part of a recap from The Celebrity Cafe:

Written by: Vanessa Yara
High heels and floating runways

Miss Jay hosts the walking in heels challenge. He has the girls put on heels and walk a straight line like they've just been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, so I'm guessing Megg should know the drill. A. J. wins the challenge and the prize of walking in a fashion show for Dennis Quaid's charity in Austin, Texas. Brooke gets excited because Austin is her home town and she hopes A.J. will choose her to come along. Perhaps Brooke should have busted out with one of her ill rhymes. A.J. chooses Megg and Caridee to go with her.Back at the house, Monique is sick as a dog. You can insert the bitch joke yourselves. Melrose believes it is her evil attitude catching up with her, which could be true, if this was the Bible. Monique eventually goes to the Emergency Room and learns she is dehydrated. That happens a lot on this show. I wonder why.The next day is photo shoot day. The shoot takes place at the end of a catwalk set-up on water in a pool. The girls must maneuver the floating catwalk then pose once they reach the end.

Caution:spoiler alert! The fate of poor Monique: (pictured above)

To be honest with you guys, I think they planned on eliminating Monique from the beginning of this episode. I'm not saying they poisoned her food or anything, but they just made it really easy to get rid of her by not even encouraging her to try harder. She really didn't look that sick at all. Now, I love Senor Jay, and I've never really despised Tyra, but I will, however, forever look at them differently.

Check out the rest on Celebrity Cafe! They also have a recap of episodes 1&2.

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