Monday, November 20, 2006

Conversations with Models:Lower Back Tattoos!

I dont know what it is with me, but I felt the urge to do some research on the origins and stigmas surrounding the lower back tattoo I couldn't believe it, but they are called "tramp stamps" on Wikipedia! What is the origin of this design? Why are they so controversial? The reason people get lower back tattoos vary, but the simple stigmas surrounding them exist, as can be seen in random Google and Yahoo! searches. Could it be that the lower back tattoo simply is, as the guy in the Wedding Crashers movie said, a "bulls eye" for Playboys?

On one site, "The Tao of Tattoos", I found this interesting quote:"According to ancient beliefs the lower back is an area that has a lot of stored energy in the form of 'kundalini' so this may explain why people are naturally drawn to this area. A lot of people have reported extraordinary sensations when getting lower back tattoos done. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word whose essential meaning is circular or winding. It is also a name used in Yoga for a snake like inner energy. It is believed that this energy was stored in the lower back area". Now, this doesn't mean that a woman who has a lower back tattoo put it on there because of some ancient beliefs. I personally think that lower back tattos are hot! All this considered, I asked seperately four popular models Nedra, Vanna, Simone (who sent me the picture of her lower back tattoo displayed above, thanks Simone!) and Devorne some questions about these hot lower back tattoos:

Do you have a lower back tattoo? If you dont, would you consider getting one? Why or why not?

Nedra AKA eNvy:I don't have one but I think they are very sexy. The only reason I probably don't have one is because I could never decide on exactly what I wanted to have on my back.

Vanna:No, yes I would consider getting one. I think they are sexy!

Simone:I got my tattoo my senior year of high school. I was on my senior class trip in Hawaii and a few of my friends were contemplating getting one. I was very sheltered as a teenager and I think the reason why I got the tattoo was an act of rebellion against my parents. At the time, lower back tattoos were new, and not a lot of people had them, now there are very common.

I've heard about lower back tattoos being called "tramp stamps" and being associated with sluts and strippers mostly. What do you think about the stigmas associated with having one?

Nedra:I think of it as a way to express yourself and there's no more to it. People also said things about people with tongue rings but it's all about the individual.

Vanna:I think that we as humans try to label everything on this earth. We find the postive and most of the time the negative this would be one.

Simone: I think the negative connotations have evolved because now they seem to be on every female between the ages of 18-35. Just a few years ago tattoos were very taboo; only outlaws and rebels had them, now just about everyone over the age of 18 has some sort of symbol or name sketched onto their body. I think that it was and still is a trend…just like anything in “fashion,” it too will become a thing of the past.

Devorne:I really don't have any intake on that saying because I know what I am. And a tattoo doesn't represent who I am.

Have you had any experience of people commenting on your lower back tattoo?

Simone: I have, mostly men. They make some remark about the location (only the men that I am acquaintances with, others just comment about the size and the nature of the tattoo).

Do you emphasize your lower back tattoo with low rise jeans or do you mostly just allow only whoever you are dating or hooked up with to see it?

Simone: No I don’t. I wear clothing that I feel good in and sometimes my tattoo is on display when I wear certain outfits. However, when I am in a particular setting, i.e. church or work, I do take the time to cover up my tattoos because I feel as though they are a distraction and or not professional.

If you were to get a lower back tattoo, what would it be of?

Nedra:I'm still not sure but it would definitely be something decorative.

Vanna:I would get Kanji on my lower back.

Devorne:I have one and it's a Chinese symbol on my lower back on the left side...It means TRUTH!

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