Thursday, November 30, 2006

Melyssa Ford vs The Game and Buffie

Top Video Vixens can’t get along with each other and Game disses celebrity females. King magazine is known as the urban version of Maxim magazine.The new Jan 07 issue brings together the women who comprised the top 5 selling covers for women who have appeared in the magazine over the first 5 years. R&B Singer Mya Harrison, Rapper Trina, Actress Regan Gomez-Preston along with the top 2 hip hop video vixens Melyssa Ford and Buffie the Body and before it was over we had a cat fight. Current champion of the vixens Buffie said all the girls were great except Ford. Stating that “there’s always one person who likes to be the “class clown”.I’ve been modeling nearly two years and I never experienced something so unprofesional before. Look at Mya, Trina & Reagan.They’ve won Grammy Awards, been in movies and they don’t act out. But one chick doesn’t stop no show.”

The dissing doesn’t stop there for Ford, The Game insulted a few celebrity women on his latest album. Melyssa Ford is the first to respond.

The beauty told Page Six of the NY POST she is “confused and saddened” by the song, “Never Get Far,” in which the rapper lyricizes: “And all these new video bitches tryin’ to be Melyssa Ford/But they don’t know Melyssa Ford drive a Honda Accord.”

“I am really confused and saddened that he decided to include my name on a record that disparages the characters of women who have worked hard in the industry to make successful careers for themselves,” said Ford (who, in point of fact, does not drive a Honda Accord).

The song also says of Ford, a video model and TV personality: “She a video vixen, but behind closed doors/She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Awards.”

The Game - also uses the number to accuse Gabriel Union (”Running With Scissors”) and Meagan Good (”You Got Served”) of sleeping with rappers in order to gain success.

In the track from his album “Doctor’s Advocate,” the misogynistic musician tells women in the music and movie industries, “You wouldn’t get far if you kept your legs closed.”

Ford is also hurt that Kanye West, a good friend of hers, performs with The Game on “Never Get Far.” “I don’t want to ride anyone’s coattails towards fame,” Ford told Page Six’s Corynne Steindler. “That line . . . it’s just horrible.”

Ford started her career as a music video model, appearing in videos for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. She’s also slated to appear on one of the five covers celebrating King magazine’s fifth anniversary and is currently “transitioning into the film world.” While she may be catching flack from The Game, Ford still enjoys the support of her wide fan base. “Nobody understands why I am on this record,” she said. “I am the blueprint for this industry because I have respect for myself.” Mya who is also on the King cover can relate to rapper drama, she recently called out 50 cent for lying and saying he slept with her.

SOURCE:PLAYAHATA Story also on EUR WEB,The Elements and Memphis Rap

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