Friday, November 24, 2006

Models I Liked in KING's 12/06-1/07 Issue!

The latest issue of KING was the 5th Anniversary Issue. It had 5 different covers. Though I picked the cover of Reagen Gomez Preston, who I have been partial to since the days of her stint on The Parent Hood, I thought the star of this issue was of course Melyssa Ford. The issue also featured Buffie the Body as well. The other celebrities to grace the cover included Trina and Mya who also had a nice lay outs in the magazine as well.

The issue also includes models Christina Llann (Check out her Model Mayhem site) rockin' a centerfold, an internet chat with the infamous Hoopz (Check out this interview with her on SOHH), a "bend ova" shot of Ki-Toy Johnson(Check out her offical site) and an analyzation of Coco's frame (check out her site Cocos World). I never thought that the character Six from Blossom would be a model, but here is her site! She got a slight nod in KING, and she's on the up and up in the modeling world! Like I said before, Melyssa Ford was the star in this magazine, and of course shes all over the net, but here is a nice site:! Buffie also got some space in the KING magazine, and if you're on this site, you should already know how to find her, but of course she has her own fansite: Buffie The! Be careful though, because if you havent ever seen her, I dont know if you'll be ready for what she's got! Im the biggest Vida fan and I am glad to read that she has a DVD out: Vida Guerra Exposed! It can be ordered online at In Ya Face Records! All in all, it was a tight issue! Until next issue, check out the Models I Like!

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