Friday, December 29, 2006

Models I Like year in models part #1

2006 was an interesting year for modeling, with many ups and downs; here are some of the many things which I remember in the world of models in 2006!

Urban model of the year:Angel Based on my own personal opinion and the fact that she went so far so fast, the model of the year would be Angel. I first saw her as Lola on One Model Place, and she just became an overnight sensation, appearing on magazine covers, in all the videos from G-Unit and she easily took the Eye Candy of the Year award in XXL Magazine. She also appeared on the cover of Smooth GirlMagazine, in the magazine Hustlenomics and in many videos and other magazines.Im sure that there will be no stopping this amazing and beautiful young model. She was in the Lloyd Bank's "Hands Up", "Cake" , Busta's "In the Ghetto", and Young Buck's "I Know You Want Me."

2)The three Beautys on Flavor of Love:On the "Flavor of Love #2, most of the contestants were really rough around the edges. Alot of the contestants were ones that nobody would pick; they were scraggly and kept for entertainment purposes. I was thinking, why did he keep the albino on the show; that was a big mystery to me! Deelishis is cool, but I was really sad to see the three contestants I called the "Three Beautys": Bootz, BeautifulandBuckeey! Each show he let them go, I was ready to boycott the show entirely, but I was hooked! I especially was loving Bootz; she was my favorite contestant of all! She just had that way about her; she was blunt and gritty and got in anybody and everybody's face; but she was just hot to me! I hope to see more of Bootz in the future; Im sure she will be doing big things.

3)Melyssa Ford quote in Vibe Vixen: In the magazine Vibe Vixen, Melyssa Ford was quoted in this excerpt from the book "Naked, Black Women Bare All About Their Skin,Hair, Hips,Lips and Other Parts", which she contributed to: "Men make a big deal about this butt, but I hate not being able to lie flat on my back because my ass is so high up that you can sink your hand through the huge gap. I always thought that it would be great if I could shrink it, give the appearence of losing fifteen pounds."

4)Tyra Banks vs. strippers: I was glued to my television set when Tyra had that show on where she went undercover as a stripper.It was kinda funny, awkward even for Tyra, who said she just wasn't "comfortable" with it. Her quote:"So many women have emailed me and I've personally had so many conversations with my friends who are frustrated with the men in their lives spending so much time and so much money in strip clubs,” she explains. “I dated a guy that went to these places all the time, and he would say nothing was happening. And I was like, 'Yeah right.' On the try out show for America's Next Top Model #7, all one prospect had to tell her was she was an "exotic entertainer" and Tyra said "You're a stripper." Despite the prospective contestant trying to justify what she does, that girl was out the door, and Tyra said something along the lines that she will always be a stripper. Note to any future models trying out for Top Model; dont tell Tyra you are a stripper!

5)Anchal on America's Next Top Model:On the America's Next Top Model #7, I was really sad to see the lovely Anchal go. I was really captivate by this heavenly model from India. However, I knew that she was not going to make it to the end, despite her impressive performance on many of the shows. What did her in on the show was her lack of confidence and her inability to deal with the pressure that came with every challenge. One of those snooty modeling agents said something about her shape,and on top of that she comes for the Indian culture which frowns on her lovely shape. The judges said they had to let her go because she was "too beautiful". How can a model be "too beautiful?" Well, it made more sense when they said that she had the beauty, but didnt know what to do with it. Word on the net though is that she has been working out, and is more confident now because of the show. The Indian culuture frowns on her skin and shape, but over here, she'd be on the cover of Smooth Magazine and King in a heartbeat. They can have Caridee, I'll take Anchal anytime!

6)The 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: I thought that the Victoria's Secret fashion show was off the hook, but from what I heard, nobody watched it! The ratings were low for this one. Rather than blame it on the appearence of Justin Timberlake, I would say that it was more the fact that I didnt see any commercials advertising it, I just happened to turn it on. It had a holiday theme to it and included some actual interviews with the models and behind the scenes stuff. My favorite model of that show was the hot supermodel Selita Ebanks. Check out this interview with three of the models (including Selita) from the show, and another interview on You Tube.

7) Vida Guerra on DVD, and Vida vs. GAME: Vida Guerra was all over the place; in the movies, on TV,on her own DVD (buy on Amazon), and even in a diss record by the rapper the GAME. She spoke out about it on Hip Hop DX:He had asked me a few times to go out [on a date] and I rejected him. So I guess it was a personal thing [laughs]...I just think that he’s trying to sell controversy. But don’t get it messed up, I’m working on something for him, too. Karma always gets ‘em. It’s definitely a bitch...Game needs to say my name the right way the next time he mentions me, the pin-up girl told us. In the coming year she will be putting out her own all girl group.

8) GAME vs. the models: GAME started a controversy with the models that set off a brief war of words between him, Vida and Melyssa Ford. On the song "Wouldn't Get Far", GAME says that Vida gives it up easy for a chain and Melyssa Ford drives a cheap car and gives it up easy for access to the Grammies. He also said something about Hoopz also which was kinda raunchy. Vida and Melyssa responded, but I think now its just fizzled out.

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