Thursday, December 28, 2006

Models I Like year in models part #2

2006 was a hot year for models, especially in the world of the "urban" model. Here are some of the hottest things I remember from 2006!
1) London Charles winning the "Flava of Love" Anybody who follows the modeling world knew that London Charles was a model with her own website who started out on the EyecandyModeling site. Though the show is fake, I know I breathed a sigh of relief when Flav picked the girl he named Deelishis over that troll named New York. Throughout the show, all her old pictures were posted on sites, showing that most of us already knew who she was.

2) Caridee winning "America's Next Top Model" Personally, I was really dissapointed with Tyra's decision to make Caridee the winner of the America's Next Top Model #7. She was just weak as a contestant! I think that in the end they ended up with some good contestants but the other two, Melrose and Eugena were just flawed in their own way. Melrose was too perfect, I guess, and Eugena was just too laid back. But Caridee was just messing up left and right! More power to Caridee, I guess, but I think that Tyra and co. lost some cool points with a lot of viewers with this one. Me personally, I liked Eugena!

3) The "skinny models" controversy-This was a big deal this year as super thin models, which were once embraced as the ideal of beauty, were banned from fashion shows in Spain and Italy! After the model Ana Carolina died from kidney malfunction due to Anorexia and Bulemia, even Brazil got into banning super thin models. Tyra Banks even has turned away from that whole idea that models have to be super skinny! I think that it is about time because I think when you can see a models skeleton through her skin, that is so nasty! I can only hope that there will be a trend toward more voluptous and shapely models like Melyssa Ford and Buffie the Body! Imagine models like that on European runways!

4)Magazine cover of the year-The only way I can describe this magazine cover is P-H-A-T! This cover for Black Men magazine was for me the hottest I had seen in a long time! I dont just like it for the obvious reasons, but also because the lighting and the way the colors in the background are coordinated to the models skin tone, and the poses...for many reasons this cover was HOT.

The models pictured on the cover are the beautiful models Esther Baxter and Maliah.

5) Naomi Campbell vs. the world- I've always been a big fan of Naomi Campbell; I think she really put it down for black models when there were very few of them. Its sad though that she has become the butt of too many comedians jokes with her abusing her assistant and slapping her maid and the alleged attack of her drug counselor. She's cleared of that drug counselor incident, but she still faces charges from her former maid and a former assistant. Though I empathize with her maid and her assistant, its kinda funny thinking about how she allegedely threw her cell phone at her maid; and not only that, you have to wonder, how can somebody get hurt with a blackberry, as the former assistant claimed? Comedian Paul Mooney put it best on a show on BET when he described Naomi interviewing her domestic help: Can you take a punch? Do you have Medicaid? Do you bleed easy? LOL. I still love Naomi, though.
That's it for this year in summary 2006. Thanks to all the models out there who gave me interviews; if I haven't printed it yet it will be up in the new year. Thanks to all the readers also, and I hope everybody has a Great New Year!

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