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My interview with top model Ksyn!

Kysn is a really beautiful model from NYC (the Bronx to be exact!) She has a hot layout in the current issue of Smooth Magazine that is in stores right now! I first found out about this aspiring dancer and all around flygirl from her Yahoo Group. I must have been the very first member! What I like about Ksyn is obvious; you will see what I mean from those spine tingling photos in that layout in Smooth! Plus, she's an all around, cool, laid back, down to Earth sista. What more could you ask for? Learn more about the lovely addictive model Ksyn!

First of all, where are you from and what city, state or town are you representing? I am from the Boogie Down Bronx.

What are your measurements? 32-27-39

Ksyn is a pretty name which seems exotic. Your look is really exotic also. What is your ethnic background? Exotic, maybe but as far as I know I am all American.

Why did you want to become a model? It started as a self esteem builder then i realized that i was good at it so I continued to pursue it.

If you were single and somebody set you up on a blind date, and you got the prospects phone # and called him before the date, how would you describe yourself and what would you tell him would be a good reason to date you? If I were single and somebody set me up on a blind date and I cakked him before the date I would describe myself as a sexy chocolate female that pretty in the face, small at the waist and thick in the hips. Then I would tell him that the reason he should date me is because I am down to earth, like to have fun and enjoy life.

I'm sure the fellas want to know-are you single or taken? Lol. I am chilling at the moment. It is about the grind right now everything else happens when it happens.

Who is your greatest influence and what help you to decide that you would love to be a model, and what do you bring to the modeling field or game? My greatest influence would have to be Iman because since she started modeling she has never changed. She classifies that I would think a model should be before and after the fame.

What do you like to do in your free time? Free time? What free time. lol. Nah, I like to sit at home, hang out with the family. I dont see them a lot so they become priority.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot would have to be Disney World. I am a big kid as well as a rollercoaster buff so I always enjoy myself when I am there.

If you were a piece of candy, what would it be and why? If I were a piece of candy I would be a M&M because they become addicting. You can never eat just one.

What was your first kiss like? My first kiss was quick and simple. Nothing dramatic about it at all.

Another question Im sure the fellas will want to know, what are you most likely to wear to the beach? To bed? To the club, if you go to clubs? To the beach I would have to say a bikini, Brazilian of course, to bed an oversized t-shirt, the club now that depends on the weather but I am notorious for wear a bikini top or bathing suit with a pair of tight low rise jeans.

What is your most defining feature? My most defining feature would be my legs. I keep them toned and sexy.

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get alot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention? I deal with it the way any other woman would. I say thank you, smile and hold conversations once in a while. You can't always assume that every guy is trying to talk to you to get with you.

What's the worst opening line you have heard? That would have to have been when i was in NC. This dude came up to me and said " You look like a cup of hot chocolate and I just want to slurp you up". LOL.

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of? If I had a choice I would have to say either W or Vogue because they are the a great representation of high end fashion.

If you had a choice of videos, which one would you be in? A dirty south crunk video or would you go R&B? I would go for an R & B video. I am a very sensual person and that would just fit.

What is your favorite part about being a model? I love to be on stage so I would have to say doing fashion shows. I have so much fun.

Which do you prefer, runway modeling or just photoshoots? RUNWAY!! but photoshoots are not bad either but I love to be on stage so runway would be the answer.

What’s the best advice ever given to you and what are your goals in terms of being a model? The best advice ever given to me was to do what you do and love doing it. The second you stop loving it is time to move on. My goal in terms of being a model is to do both urban and commericial print work as well as still pursue my dance career.

Who do you prefer, Tyra or Naomi? Tyra

I've seen you on your Yahoo Group and Myspace, are you on any other sites? I am also on you can find my yahoo group link there as well.

Anything else you want to throw out there to the people?
Look out for me in Smooth magazine, updates on the issue will be posted to my myspace page as well as my yahoo group. (Editors note: Issue is out now!) And I will be hosting a Dance showcase at BAM located in Downtown Brooklyn on the 24th of Feb. So be on the look out for that. Make sure to checkout my myspace page and yahoo group for updates and events. As well as for new pics, videos and interviews.

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word.....
Your healthy Addiction.

Check out Ksyn's sites: Modelplace, ModelMayhem, OneModelPlace Check out her online store for merchandise!

Ksyn's "favorites"
Type of flower:
Type of car:
Carlos Santana
Brand of jeans:
Brand of lingerie:
Victoria's Secret
Purple Rain
Type of food: Baked Mac and Cheese
Mixed drink: Sex on the Beach
Sports Team:
Dont have a team but I have favorite players.
Day of the week:
Actor or Actress:
Leonardo Dicaprio
Free time activity:
Perfume: Brittney Spears Curious
Jada Pinkett - Smith
Flavor of Ice Cream: Vanilla Almond Swiss
Type of kiss: French

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