Sunday, March 04, 2007

Models I Like on America's Next Top Model #8

I just finished watching the first show of the new cycle for America's Next Top Model. I think right now the Models I am liking are Felicia, Dionne, Cassandra, and Whitney.

What I like about Felicia is that she just hot right now as far as looks. She said she's been compared to Tyra, I say she got a lil' Tyra going on, and she looks like some other models, but she got a look of her own I am loving.

Dionne, she's just cute as hell. I think that just like Felicia, she wasn't really all that impressive, but Im just looking forward to seeing her do much better in episodes to come.

Cassandra, I like how she just true to herself. She knows how to wear that sewn hair; she be wearin' it out!

Whitney is just irresistable. She got a smile and unless the angle for this season is plus sized girls, I think that she will make it further and totally outshine that other plus sized model.

Hope my girls make this an interesting cycle! I think I will like this season better than the last one.

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