Thursday, March 01, 2007

What's up with the blog????

This last month has been pretty inconsistent, but I am back and I am going to be doing daily posts (or at least I will try, LOL). The first thing I want ot post about is the awesome Black Men 40 on 40 Magazine. This issue of another one of their spin off series has some awesome models in it. The first thing you seen when you see it on the newstand is 4 beautiful models!

Bria Myles is the the beautiful, chocolate brown black woman (check her out at her site:

Nicole Austin is Ice-T's wifey who I covered before when she was in the last Smooth Magazine. I guess she's pretty much one of the new "it" girls in that she has been making the rounds, being all over the place lately.

Nina Santiago is the beautiful Latina on the cover who is also an aspiring actress. The issue also has a roll call of all the beautiful models who are in the industry, and includes all the sites they are on, their measurements, and quotes. Its not on the news stands anymore at least here in DC. It is however, available on Ebay.

As for this month, I will hopefully get more interviews, more posts about models, and more hot pics!

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