Monday, April 02, 2007

Uforiya brings fashion to Howard U!

Uforiya’s subconscious led her into the jungle where hunters roamed and sightseers moved about. In the jungle, animal prints from cheetahs, leopards and sparkle-embellished zebras were all the rage. Balancing the prints were neutral colors such as olive, tan and brown. Men wearing safari jackets and ladies donning form-fitting dresses and cargo-styled pants explored the rough terrain.
This is not a scene from a movie, but rather a sequence from “Oneiro: A Nocturnal Submission,” the fashion show hosted by the University Fashion Council (UFC) and Uforiya, Howard’s first and only model troupe.
The show, held Friday night in Blackburn’s ballroom, displayed not only fashion but also lively choreography and a storyline based loosely on a girl named Uforiya, who aspires to be on top and whose nightly dreams take her on fantastical adventures.
The opening sequence featured the male models dressed primarily in camouflage and the women wearing bright, vibrant colors. Coming down the runway were dot and striped patterns, strips of denim turned into corsets and polka dots fashioned into belts. One model wore a pink and purple metallic skirt and, in the name of high fashion, another sported a pair of gold and silver sequined underwear over black tights.

Check out the rest in the Howard U Hilltop! (registration required)

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