Monday, May 21, 2007

Anorexic ideal for women in U.S. disturbing

On Sept. 13, 2006, Spain banned unhealthily thin models from Madrid fashion week. The decision summoned explosive reactions from eating disorder groups, modeling agencies and designers.

Though at the time the fashion world was in an uproar, the "revolution" the fashion industry was supposedly undergoing died down rather rapidly.

Once again women have settled down with their "lose 10 pounds in three weeks!" Cosmopolitan articles, boyfriends have grown increasingly frustrated with thin girlfriends that insist they're fat, and America has swept that pesky body-image dilemma back under the rug.

I am frustrated the United States has yet to adopt the same restrictions for the models that parade up and down the runways of New York Fashion Week.

The argument of those against restrictions is nothing less than insulting; to say the emaciated women of the industry are "naturally thin" when their body mass index classifies them as malnourished is offensive.

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