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Interview with Don H, CEO of Sugar Tails

Don H. is the CEO and founder of Sugar Tails. I am glad to get an opportunity to interview him because he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to the modeling industry. Sugar Tails is not just about showcasing models, it is a proactive company, helping models to develop the concepts they need to achieve their specific goals. Don is about as real as they come in this industry, and he's serious about what he does. Check out my interview with Don to find out more about the man behind Sugar Tails!

Tell us about your company Sugar Tails. When did you start and how did you come up with your company's name?
Well Sugar Tails is a brand new model promotion and marketing company that just launched in April. The actual concept behind Sugar Tails however was in development for about six months; so this isn't something that was just slapped together. Coming up with the name was a long and stressful process. I knew from the very start that I wanted not just a name, but a BRAND. To me, a company's name and image are two of its most important assets, especially in this business. Basically I wanted a name that I could build a brand behind and also something that had potential iconic name recognition (like Playboy). Sugar Tails was it.

How long have you been in the business of modeling & when did you first get into the modeling business?
In the modeling business, about seven months. But I have over two years experience dealing with some of the many aspects you come across in this business.

Tell me about the models in Sugar Tails.
The models in Sugar Tails huh? Well first of all, I've branded the models I work with as the "Sugar Tails Sweets". I'm very selective about the models I work with because I want to work with those who will best represent the Sugar Tails brand. Sugar Tails sweets are models who have the total package: brains, beauty, and personality. And most of them are new and up-and-coming models.

Have you had anything major happen for your company or are you just networking and scouting for now? Are you thinking of putting together a magazine or a calendar?
Nothing that I would consider major just yet. Right now we're just networking and doing some scouting. We're working on getting the name out there, which will help us with the second part to your question. We're currently working on developing a magazine which is planned for release in the Spring of 2008. As far as a calendar, we're anticipating releasing a 2008 calendar just in time for the holidays.

What are your future plans for Sugar Tails,and where can we expect to see more of your hot models?
Being that we're building Sugar Tails as a premium brand, you can expect to see an enormous amount of cross-branding and cross-merchandising from Sugar Tails. The same thing goes for the models. Sugar Tails is "the new Playboy", just without the nakedness.

What advice do you have for anybody trying to start out in the modeling business behind the scenes? Furthermore, what is the biggest challenge when getting into this business?
My advice?! Do your homework. A lot of people, mostly guys, come into this business thinking it's all fun and games. IT'S NOT! Well at least not for me. Yeah of course it's fun, but it's also work. So know exactly what you want to do before jumping in. The biggest challenge just starting out is finding the right group of people to surround yourself with. Whether it be the models or your crew, FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE to start off with. A bad foundation now will lead to the building falling apart later.

What advice do you have for any potential models who want to get
down with Sugar Tails?
Like I said, I only want to work with models with the complete package: beauty, brains, AND personality. Please bring all three with you if you want to get down with Sugar Tails.

Are you a photographer also, and if not, who do you use as a photographer?
Naw, I'm not a photographer. I've been using the same photographer for years. A REAL and very talented photog name Andy Armano. And for the ladies reading this, PLEASE checkout my blogs on our myspace. I have a very interesting blog about fake photographers and models.

Which successful model(ie Vida, Melyssa Ford, KiToy, etc.) in the business do you wish you had gotten to before they got famous? Outside your company, who would you say is a model you like?
Two words: Angell Conwell. I think she has them all beat. No comparison.

Anything else you want to throw out to the people reading this weblog? Yeah! Sugar Tails is the real thing. There is so much in this industry that's being done over and over and over again. Some good, some bad. Sugar Tails is here to change that and the rest of the game. Either get behind us or move out of the way!!!

Check out the Sugar Tails website and the Myspace page!

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