Friday, July 13, 2007

Black Men's Magazine Cybersex Issue

Let's see...the issue of Black Mens Magazine with Tila Tequila was phat! I liked how in the interviews they asked the models about the impact that Myspace has had on the modeling industry. There was a vast array of opinions on the matter, but one thing they all said was that it has changed the game.

It included the beautiful model and dancer Angel Nicole (pictured here) in a nice teasing pictorial. Then of course is the notorious Tila Tequila, who is just all over the net. She's very flexible, and there are some very hot pics of her.One of my favorite models has to be rapper Mia Michelle, who I have seen on the Bigger Tigger DVD. She focused on her school and career and is a single career, hard to believe! Another beautiful model in the issue is the lovely Kay Smith, who is also studying Radiology! I hadn't seen her in a while but I know she is doing her thing, Miss Sincerely Ward was a surprise for me. Im glad to see her. I liked Kristina Wade, she seemed to have a very exotic look and her pics were the bomb.

I liked model Alycia, she let her pics do the talking and she will have a website coming up soon! I couldnt find her nowhere else on the net, and she was one of my favorite models! Those pics really did talk, from the curves of her body to the lenght of her hair; shes just the classic ebony princess! Kim Kardashian is a high profile model who has done some big things. When I saw model Inettia, I was like, incredible! But she doesnt have a site up yet, but I hope she puts one up soon! Cinderella Graham is "Dat Woman" and this exotic looking honey is just too much! Lady Nicole is tittillating and tempting and has some beautiful eyez!

I wish I could have seen more of MIss Shanelle Cooper, who had like a panel in the issue as a past winner of the Black Men Swimsuit Model Tour. Thats all the models included in this issue, and it was definately a hot one!

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Alycia said...

I think alycia should really get a site up .. she really hot and want to c more of her..