Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IMAN: Proving that 'Black Girls Rule'

Though a bevy of beautiful people turned out at New York City hotspot Room Service to fete 'Trace' magazine's 2007 Black Girls Rule edition, the real object of desire was Iman.

The celebrated super-duper-model turned mogul relished in all of the fan fare, which included throngs of paparazzi and glamour seekers who buzzed around her all night like moths to a flame.

As beautiful and famous as Mrs. David Bowie is, I was shocked how low-key she appeared to be. No battallion of bodyguards; no trail of minions circling about; and no bitchy fashion flacks floundering around. The only accessory she had in tow was fashion pioneer Bethann Hardison -- who I adore.

One can't go wrong when they have -- the former model turned talent manager (Tyson Beckford)-- Miss Hardison in their corner.

Check out the rest on the Black Voices Blog, and go to Iman's Myspace and wish her a Happy Birthday (7/25)!

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