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Miss Dee Hot Pic

Check out beautiful model Miss Dee on Myspace!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ANTM second show recap!!!

We first start the show with Ebony’s attitude and Heather’s disability. Who will be the first to go home? (First commercial) At the fashion district, the girls talk about their goals; Lisa’s foster care is in the past, Janet wants to get out of her small town, and Heather, well, she’s just so awkward! Jay meets the girls in downtown LA, Victoria has never been to LA so she knows to act a little more “nerdy”. The models get shown an “environmentally sound” trailer, and Jenah likes it, especially the grass! The first note is presented, the girls are jumping. They get to the mansion with all the pics of Tyra all over and some pics of the last top model Jaslene! Ebony keeps to herself, after all, nobody likes her!

They get to the pool, Lisa is soaking in the scenery! Heather is obsessed with her condition. Then there’s a bathtub scene, with ten girls in a bathtub! The girls do an imitation of Tyra skit, and Bianca has her feud with the Lisa, the exotic dancer chick. One of the models burst into tears looking at the mansion. The first photo shoot is about smoking and the negative aspects of smoking. Mike Rosenthal is the photographer. Ambrael is excited and is working the camera! Jenah goes to bald to illustrate one of the harsh affects of smoking. Kimberly focuses in on Heather’s condition which causes a slight case of neurotica. Mila looks bizarre to display the after effects of smoking, but Jay is just not feelin’ it. Chantal is so ready with a big hole in her throat! Bianca hates Lisa! Saliesha isn’t feeling Hearther, which leads to crappy photo shoot! Sarah has a problem posing, looking like Freddy Krueger. Bianca and Lisa are going at it! Victoria says about the photo shoot-“she’ll wing it”. Ebony needs too much of Jay’s help, and she’s tripping now off others not liking her.

Bianca was holding back in her photo shoot, but did better as she relaxed. Lisa was really bringing it, and Jay saw the connection. Bianca and Lisa start trippen’ off one another, and arguing and such. Bianca takes it to the next level with the stripper remarks. Jay intervenes, asking how will they get along? Bianca and Lisa make up, but its all strategic, and we find out that Bianca is fake! Heather’s trippen, and she explains why she is, but Mila will give her a chance! Janet, however, doesn’t want to pick up Heather’s “orange pills”. The other girls talk about Heather, the wenches! Miss Jay comes out the balcony, and talks about the models and their “styling issues.” Out comes Benny Ninja to help the models with “model basics” at Old Navy.

At the Old Navy, Heather has no idea what trendy is. Bianca says she has to go for what she wants. Mila’s outfit is awesome. Ebony states the obvious. The girls are rushing. Benny evaluates. Ebony got confused. Again the girls talk about Heather, but Victoria doesn’t do that. Kimberly talks about how girls like Heather cling. Damn girls can be so cruel! Now for the judges to evaluate the pics! Shantal’s photo is salacious, with the bedroom eyes. Jena’s fashion sense is bad, and the pics made judges uncomfy. Ambrael is thought of as being a model, but she doesn’t have the look. Victoria is in need of some “charm”, but her shots were good. Lisa’s shots are sultry and good. Mila was just “sitting there” and was being more humorous, not serious. Sarah has “inner monologue. Bianca needs life in her eyes. Janet looks like Angie Dickenson. Ebony’s pic is stiff. Mill is “hoochified” Saliesha is “the model”. Heather can’t project confidence.

The winner of the first challenge is Saliesha, who wins $1,000 and the chance to shoot an ad. The judges then talk amongst themselves; who will be the first to go. Finally, the moment. Tyra calls the names and gives the pics of the remaining contestants. The order is Heather (suprising, with the confidence issues), then Chantal, Sarah, Jenah, Saliesha, Ambreal, Victoria, Janet, Kimberly, Bianca, and then the last two; Ebony and Mila. Tyra says to Mila that pretty doesn’t make a model, and Ebony is not transferring well. The first to go is Mila. After that first moment of tenseness, the girls breathe a sigh of relief. Its all good, for now.

Check out the interview with Mila on TV Cocktail.

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FLOW - Ethnicity Morae

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Interview w/Katina Alford

Katina Alford is one of the hardest working models I have seen. What I like about her is that she has a very strong work ethic and is goal oriented. This Los Angeles hottie has a hot calendar, sells hot pics, and also sells hot beats as well! Always willing to meet fans, she works the car shows and hip hop/rap conventions in LA. Not only that, she goes to school also! Katina has a Yahoo Group called Models Rock which has been popular for a long time. Very cool and down to Earth with a bomb body, Im sure her work will pay off. Say hello to beautiful model Katina Alford!

First of all, where are you from and what city, state or town are you representing? I am from Southern California hmm what city or state am I representing I would have to say Southern California because its such a great state.

What are your measurements? My measurements are 36 26 36.

Why did you want to become a model? It was a dream of mine an inspiration I feel like its art.

Who is your greatest influence and what help you to decide that you would love to be a model??? My greatest influence would have to be all the beautiful women I had seen on TV modeling being independent living It up and having fun lol. What helped me decided that I wanted to model well I started modeling in 2001 but for 3 years before that I had wanted to do It. I guess It was that inner me who said you can do this stop dreaming.

You have some major things you have been doing, like your calendar for example. How can somebody get a copy of your hot calendar? Also, you take some really hot pics. How can anybody get one of your pictures? Well if you join my yahoo group you get free pictures, I also have pics on my space for friends and you can also make a donation and receive hot pics.

One time you told me about some car shows you went to. Do you still meet fans at events and parties? Yes, I do and its fun when others are watching your career grow. I feel special when fans ask me for my autograph.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to record music yes I sing, make beats Yes I produce, and I like to make wallpapers and get better a touching up.

I’m sure the fellas will want to know-are you single or taken? And what was your first kiss like? I’m single, hmm I don’t remember my first kiss sorry.

What are you most likely to wear to the beach? To bed? To the club, if you go to clubs? To bed I will wear booty shorts and a small tee, To the club I’m wearing the hottest thing in my closet, To the beach I’m wearing a hot bikini.

What is your most defining feature? My lips. They are hot!

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get alot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention? I deal with the attention by just dealing with it most of the attention comes from my fans and friends plus I cant just ignore them they are the ones who spread my name around and buy my hot pictures.

What's the worst opening line you have heard?
OMG your so sexy Id like to eat you up!

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of? Hmm Maxim its sooo hot

If you had a choice of videos, which one would you be in? A dirty south crunk video or would you go R&B? Geez this is a hard question I think I would choose a crunked out video so I can get my dance on.

What is your favorite part about being a model? Being Creative with my body and my mind.

What’s the best advice ever given to you? Never give up and nothing is impossible.

Who do you prefer, Tyra or Naomi? Tyra she is really making a statement with her TV show.

I've seen you on your Yahoo Group and Myspace, are you on any other sites? I’m on Model Mayhem, Ujena Talent and OMP

I hear you are looking for a sponsor. For anybody who wants to sponsor you, what is your contact info? My contact info is or

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word..... Hot

Check out Katina on her Myspace model siteand music site.

Katina's "favorites"

Color- Green like money
Type of flower
Type of car
- Honda Civic
- Beyonce, Mariah Carey, 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls, The Game, Snoop just to name a few
Brand of jeans- Apple Bottom
Brand of lingerie
- Victoria Secret
Movie- I watch movies a lot but I don’t have a favorite movie yet
Type of food
- oh god cheesecake and Chinese food
Mixed drink- hmm I don’t drink only on special occasions
Sports Team-
I love sports but I don’t have a favorite sports team yet sorry
Day of the week- Saturday and Sunday
Actor or Actress-
Will Smith
- The dream book tells you what your dreams mean
Free time activity
- Resting
- True star by Beyonce and Paris Hiltons fragrance
Celebrity- None I love all celebrities
Flavor of Ice Cream
- Butter Pecan
Type of kiss
- Slow and sweet

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Esther Baxter tribute

Just found this tribute video to the retired Esther Baxter on Youtube. Incredible!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ANTM Recap first show!!!!!!!!

Pic from Reality TV World
This is my first recap! But I was psyched to see the new America's Next Top Model premiere! This show was the first elimations and trimming down to the 13 finalists. The show starts out with Tyra talking on the phone to some of the semi-finalists. Their first adventure is being sent to the Carribean. They are blindfolded and told they will be on a boat by Miss J.

The models are introduced to "fun stuff" but told they are going to compete, and it wont always be so fun. They get a "safety briefing" where they will do a fashion show in life jackets. The first walker is named Jenah. Miss J tells Spontanieous (a really cute model) to have less hip shake. Another model named Ebony says that for her it all comes "just natural". Heather is a "complete nerd", already showing an ugly complex, but they need girls with issues to add to the drama, right?

Tyra then surprises the girls with a song and dance routine. The very cute Ambreal(an H.U. student, represent!)wanted to "touch the hem of her garment". Saliesha wants her "dreams to come true". Jenah is ready to "fight for victory". Moving alone, they do their introductions. Amebreal does her many "walks", and Tyra demonstrates a walk right alone with her. Jay says Ambreal is "too hoochie", a judgement that I'm sure will stick. Another contestant Chantal is a "perfect" Barbie Doll built for high fashion; and is deemed to be "naturally modelesque". Heather is nervous and talks about a nervous disorder that makes her awkward around people. That whole scenario should prove interesting! The extremely cute and ambitous Saliesha is a T-Zone camp alumnist (T-Zone being Tyra's modeling camp)who I hope will go far in this season. Janet is a Georgia model who shows Tyra how waxing is done; Miss J gets Tyra's butt in her face.

Victoria all of a sudden gets sick. So many times in this show I've seen models just get "sick" all of a sudden, but on the first show? Sabrina, another contestant, sees anothers weakness as her time to shine. But, Victoria overcomes the sickness as the black girls all sit together and get real catty to Ebony especially; she's seen as stuck up and full of herself. Mila is just too bubbly and optimistic. Jennifer is a "bah-tender" from Boston. Marvita on the one hand thinks this is all a "walk in the park" and on the other bursts in tears with stories of rape and molestation. Christie has a look akin to Adrianna Lima, but Miss Jay just aint feeling it.

Sabrina comes out strong, talking about she's just so "extraordiniare". Then there's the many interesting characters; the model who says "like" too many times, the "plus size" model, the self described "geek" who is an exotic dancer (but not that kind of exotic dancer, she wears bathing suits, yeah right!) who does a lap dance routine for the other girls. Bianca is a home girl from the NYC who breaks down the difference between a "bitchy bitch" and a "fun bitch". The "bitchy bitch" title is reserved for the already hated Ebony. Ebony breaks down and drops her cocky facade. Jay says that she isn't that bad a person, but Sabrina says her attitude is "stanky".

Jaslene, winner of the last season, stops by before the photo shoots before the next cut. The ones I wanted to make it did except for Sabrina; who was shook and crying about how bad her life is and she doesnt want to go back (dont they all say that?) Then once on the boat, more eliminations are made. Lisa says whatever happens, she's good, Jennifer doesnt want to bartend, and Marvita really wants to live rent boils down to the final 7-Mila, Bianca, Jena, Dantal, Ambriel, Victoria, Sarah, Saliesha, Kimberly, Ebony, Janet, Heather and Lisa. Tyra wraps up the show by emphasizing that they arent just models, but role models!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rich Boy's "Good Things"

I just found this new site TitaniumGirlzOnline! From an this blog entry I found out that Britanny Dailey from Smooth Magazine and also on Titanium Girlz and Brooke Bailey were the models in Rich Boy's "Good Things". Nice!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Smooth Magazine and Black Men Magazine

There’s a new issue out in stores now but the last issue of Smooth Magazine was pretty hot. Esther Baxter does her last layout in this issue. Other hot models in this issue include ex Hooter girl and video vixen Brittany Dailey,as well as Yolie, and actress Terricka Cason.

The latest issue of Black Men has beautiful Canadian model Anaya Hayes. There’s also a stunning layout of Melyssa Ford, posing in leapord skin getups holding a yellow snake. For any Melyssa fan it’s a must have! Nik, who was one of the runner ups on America’s Next Top Model who will be hosting a show called “Kings of Hip Hop”. They also got a layout featuring Kim and Angelica, two stunning Asian models.

Delicia Cordon is impressive as well, with red boots and blonde hair! Then they got the girl from Akon’s video “Don’t Matter”; I gotta post that one up because this model named Annie blows me away every time I see it! All in all, the lastest issue of Black Men is worth the 9 bucks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tiffany web hot black model photo shoot

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Player Watch Elite: Famed Music Director Lil X Explains How He Changed The Game

Lil X talks about how he discovered Melyssa Ford:

They say I discovered Melyssa Ford because... "I'm the one who brought her down from Canada. I imported a lot of Canadian girls. Melyssa is really that one that turned it into something more than just videos."

Check out how Lil X changed the game on SOHH!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Kimora Lee Simmons--Life in the Fab Lane

I just found out about this show, I know I'm real late on this, but it looks real interesting for a reality show. Its on Sunday nights at 8PM on the Style network. Check it out!

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Melyssa Ford is looking fierce on the cover of the latest issue of Black Mens Magazine. This has got to be the magazine cover of the year! Get it on Ebay!

Monday, September 03, 2007