Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ANTM Recap first show!!!!!!!!

Pic from Reality TV World
This is my first recap! But I was psyched to see the new America's Next Top Model premiere! This show was the first elimations and trimming down to the 13 finalists. The show starts out with Tyra talking on the phone to some of the semi-finalists. Their first adventure is being sent to the Carribean. They are blindfolded and told they will be on a boat by Miss J.

The models are introduced to "fun stuff" but told they are going to compete, and it wont always be so fun. They get a "safety briefing" where they will do a fashion show in life jackets. The first walker is named Jenah. Miss J tells Spontanieous (a really cute model) to have less hip shake. Another model named Ebony says that for her it all comes "just natural". Heather is a "complete nerd", already showing an ugly complex, but they need girls with issues to add to the drama, right?

Tyra then surprises the girls with a song and dance routine. The very cute Ambreal(an H.U. student, represent!)wanted to "touch the hem of her garment". Saliesha wants her "dreams to come true". Jenah is ready to "fight for victory". Moving alone, they do their introductions. Amebreal does her many "walks", and Tyra demonstrates a walk right alone with her. Jay says Ambreal is "too hoochie", a judgement that I'm sure will stick. Another contestant Chantal is a "perfect" Barbie Doll built for high fashion; and is deemed to be "naturally modelesque". Heather is nervous and talks about a nervous disorder that makes her awkward around people. That whole scenario should prove interesting! The extremely cute and ambitous Saliesha is a T-Zone camp alumnist (T-Zone being Tyra's modeling camp)who I hope will go far in this season. Janet is a Georgia model who shows Tyra how waxing is done; Miss J gets Tyra's butt in her face.

Victoria all of a sudden gets sick. So many times in this show I've seen models just get "sick" all of a sudden, but on the first show? Sabrina, another contestant, sees anothers weakness as her time to shine. But, Victoria overcomes the sickness as the black girls all sit together and get real catty to Ebony especially; she's seen as stuck up and full of herself. Mila is just too bubbly and optimistic. Jennifer is a "bah-tender" from Boston. Marvita on the one hand thinks this is all a "walk in the park" and on the other bursts in tears with stories of rape and molestation. Christie has a look akin to Adrianna Lima, but Miss Jay just aint feeling it.

Sabrina comes out strong, talking about she's just so "extraordiniare". Then there's the many interesting characters; the model who says "like" too many times, the "plus size" model, the self described "geek" who is an exotic dancer (but not that kind of exotic dancer, she wears bathing suits, yeah right!) who does a lap dance routine for the other girls. Bianca is a home girl from the NYC who breaks down the difference between a "bitchy bitch" and a "fun bitch". The "bitchy bitch" title is reserved for the already hated Ebony. Ebony breaks down and drops her cocky facade. Jay says that she isn't that bad a person, but Sabrina says her attitude is "stanky".

Jaslene, winner of the last season, stops by before the photo shoots before the next cut. The ones I wanted to make it did except for Sabrina; who was shook and crying about how bad her life is and she doesnt want to go back (dont they all say that?) Then once on the boat, more eliminations are made. Lisa says whatever happens, she's good, Jennifer doesnt want to bartend, and Marvita really wants to live rent boils down to the final 7-Mila, Bianca, Jena, Dantal, Ambriel, Victoria, Sarah, Saliesha, Kimberly, Ebony, Janet, Heather and Lisa. Tyra wraps up the show by emphasizing that they arent just models, but role models!

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