Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ANTM second show recap!!!

We first start the show with Ebony’s attitude and Heather’s disability. Who will be the first to go home? (First commercial) At the fashion district, the girls talk about their goals; Lisa’s foster care is in the past, Janet wants to get out of her small town, and Heather, well, she’s just so awkward! Jay meets the girls in downtown LA, Victoria has never been to LA so she knows to act a little more “nerdy”. The models get shown an “environmentally sound” trailer, and Jenah likes it, especially the grass! The first note is presented, the girls are jumping. They get to the mansion with all the pics of Tyra all over and some pics of the last top model Jaslene! Ebony keeps to herself, after all, nobody likes her!

They get to the pool, Lisa is soaking in the scenery! Heather is obsessed with her condition. Then there’s a bathtub scene, with ten girls in a bathtub! The girls do an imitation of Tyra skit, and Bianca has her feud with the Lisa, the exotic dancer chick. One of the models burst into tears looking at the mansion. The first photo shoot is about smoking and the negative aspects of smoking. Mike Rosenthal is the photographer. Ambrael is excited and is working the camera! Jenah goes to bald to illustrate one of the harsh affects of smoking. Kimberly focuses in on Heather’s condition which causes a slight case of neurotica. Mila looks bizarre to display the after effects of smoking, but Jay is just not feelin’ it. Chantal is so ready with a big hole in her throat! Bianca hates Lisa! Saliesha isn’t feeling Hearther, which leads to crappy photo shoot! Sarah has a problem posing, looking like Freddy Krueger. Bianca and Lisa are going at it! Victoria says about the photo shoot-“she’ll wing it”. Ebony needs too much of Jay’s help, and she’s tripping now off others not liking her.

Bianca was holding back in her photo shoot, but did better as she relaxed. Lisa was really bringing it, and Jay saw the connection. Bianca and Lisa start trippen’ off one another, and arguing and such. Bianca takes it to the next level with the stripper remarks. Jay intervenes, asking how will they get along? Bianca and Lisa make up, but its all strategic, and we find out that Bianca is fake! Heather’s trippen, and she explains why she is, but Mila will give her a chance! Janet, however, doesn’t want to pick up Heather’s “orange pills”. The other girls talk about Heather, the wenches! Miss Jay comes out the balcony, and talks about the models and their “styling issues.” Out comes Benny Ninja to help the models with “model basics” at Old Navy.

At the Old Navy, Heather has no idea what trendy is. Bianca says she has to go for what she wants. Mila’s outfit is awesome. Ebony states the obvious. The girls are rushing. Benny evaluates. Ebony got confused. Again the girls talk about Heather, but Victoria doesn’t do that. Kimberly talks about how girls like Heather cling. Damn girls can be so cruel! Now for the judges to evaluate the pics! Shantal’s photo is salacious, with the bedroom eyes. Jena’s fashion sense is bad, and the pics made judges uncomfy. Ambrael is thought of as being a model, but she doesn’t have the look. Victoria is in need of some “charm”, but her shots were good. Lisa’s shots are sultry and good. Mila was just “sitting there” and was being more humorous, not serious. Sarah has “inner monologue. Bianca needs life in her eyes. Janet looks like Angie Dickenson. Ebony’s pic is stiff. Mill is “hoochified” Saliesha is “the model”. Heather can’t project confidence.

The winner of the first challenge is Saliesha, who wins $1,000 and the chance to shoot an ad. The judges then talk amongst themselves; who will be the first to go. Finally, the moment. Tyra calls the names and gives the pics of the remaining contestants. The order is Heather (suprising, with the confidence issues), then Chantal, Sarah, Jenah, Saliesha, Ambreal, Victoria, Janet, Kimberly, Bianca, and then the last two; Ebony and Mila. Tyra says to Mila that pretty doesn’t make a model, and Ebony is not transferring well. The first to go is Mila. After that first moment of tenseness, the girls breathe a sigh of relief. Its all good, for now.

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