Monday, September 17, 2007

Smooth Magazine and Black Men Magazine

There’s a new issue out in stores now but the last issue of Smooth Magazine was pretty hot. Esther Baxter does her last layout in this issue. Other hot models in this issue include ex Hooter girl and video vixen Brittany Dailey,as well as Yolie, and actress Terricka Cason.

The latest issue of Black Men has beautiful Canadian model Anaya Hayes. There’s also a stunning layout of Melyssa Ford, posing in leapord skin getups holding a yellow snake. For any Melyssa fan it’s a must have! Nik, who was one of the runner ups on America’s Next Top Model who will be hosting a show called “Kings of Hip Hop”. They also got a layout featuring Kim and Angelica, two stunning Asian models.

Delicia Cordon is impressive as well, with red boots and blonde hair! Then they got the girl from Akon’s video “Don’t Matter”; I gotta post that one up because this model named Annie blows me away every time I see it! All in all, the lastest issue of Black Men is worth the 9 bucks.

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