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ANTM-Episode #6:Goodbye Ebony!

The girls are in the house, Ebony is talking about trying to lighten up, Ambrael talking to her dad about being in the bottom 2 and all, and Bianca and Heather talk about Heather’s unhealthy habit of beating herself up. Bianca gives her “advice” and then in comes male supermodel Tyson to the house, and the girls get all excited. Ebony was all into Tyson, and the girls grab stuff and demonstrate spokesperson delivery, and they get all corny. Heather impresses Tyson, Ambrael gets Tyson to eat a mango, and they all get geeked and crazy on him.

At the studio, they get introduced to the PSA client. The models have to be spokespersons for the AIDS in Africa AIDS awareness campaign, with posters that read “I am African”. They all demonstrate the spokesperson in the PSA; Ebony’s group is energetic, Bianca’s group is relying too much on Bianca for the ideas, and Ambrael’s group is sleepy.

Team #1-They had a hot idea, but they messed up the lines and messed up the charity’s name.

Team #2- They did surprisingly well, but there was no life in the PSA.

Team#3-There PSA was the best, but they got the objective of the charity wrong, so Team #2 gets picked!

Heather gets picked in the end for a photo shoot with Mary J Blige. Mary, looking kinda hot in this scene, is the director. She compliments Heather, saying she could be a top model! In the next scene, the models are eating food in the closet because its cold in the house. Ebony say’s she’s ready to go, but Bianca is trying to work her eyes. When Heather gets home after the Mary J shoot, the other models are asking a bunch of questions, and Bianca is “baffled” at her success.

The next photo shoot is a high fashion editorial about recycling, and they meet the photographer. As the shooting commences, Jay says that with Heather, the judges will be shocked. Sarah, Jay says, looks like a “heap of garbage”, which for the shoot might be a good thing! But he’s just kidding. He wants Saliesha to “take a risk”, and Ebony needs to get more happy, but she’s trampish and uninspiring. The lackluster Jenah listens to advice. Bianca, who was really oily, is smiling with her eyes, and was “dead on”. Lisa, who uses her limbs, did a good job. Ambrael, who is trippen off being in the bottom 2, looks inexperienced, boring, and uninspiring. She’s got the innate sensibility, but keeps on getting psyched out!


Saliesha: Picture was her best shoot, the 2nd best at that. She’s raising the bar, showing her neck, and she’s all psyched. The judges say she’s improving and she wants it.

Jenah: She had an “attitude” in the shot, but it was a good fashion shot. The judges say she is “sensational”.

Ambrael: She’s dead in her eyes, has to right the wrong and be comfortable. The judges say she’s “nice”.

Lisa: This wasn’t their favorite shot from her; and she needs to take more chances. The judges say she needs to take “Model 101”

Bianca: She’s too stiff, but her face is stunning, and Tyra likes what she is doing with the eyes. The judges say she’s “coming to her own”.

Sarah: She doesn’t look high fashion, and she is losing weight! Since she was picked to be reppin’ the “full figured” set, the judges notice that she is losing weight and don’t like it!

Ebony: Her pic was like yuck! I didn’t like it, but I like her. She got a cute ass LOL. The judges say that she “doesn’t want to be here.”

Chantal: There are mixed reviews on her picture. The judges say “the wind machine took over.”

Heather: What can anybody say? She just can’t do wrong! The judges say “she took the best picture”.

Ebony and Ambrael are in the bottom 2; but though Ambrael is picked to be eliminated, Ebony backs out of the show entirely. The pressure got the best of her. The judges were right-she didn’t want to be there!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Streetz Magazine Live - Angel Lola Luv & Trey Songz

Angel Lola Luv-the hottest urban model in the USA!

Friday, October 26, 2007

ANTM-episode #5-Janet out!

The sixth episode starts with a recap of last episode, and then we see the girls talking in a van. Saliesha is talking about stepping up her game. Janet is talking about how she feels she is at a disadvantage, with her being so short and curvy. Heather is all of a sudden now critiquing people! Ambrael is singing, and the girls are going ewwww…..! Lisa thought she was perfect, but instead she is insecure. The next Tyra mail has a message; spring forward, fall back!

The girls hook up with the infamous Benny Ninja! The challenge is for the girls to convey emotion in the air, jumping on a trampoline. The girls are just awkward; like Janet, who tries to pose, but her body hurts and she’s so uncomfortable. Bianca and Ebony are the most awkward, but Saliesha and Chantal totally work it. Heather falls on her butt. Ambrael teaches the girls some things, but Lisa held back and just didn’t have confidence in herself. The girls then run around the house nude, making the show look like summer camp!

Benny Ninja now brings the girls to an ice rink; but rather than having to skate, they have to pose in the air on ice. The models become scared; how well will they do in their poses? They will be given an emotion they have to convey in their pose. Dani, the prior ANTM winner, gives them advice. Janet’s anger emotion was weak. Jenah hit sorrow! Sarah was anger. Bianca had the best smile, which made her stand out. Chantal had joy. Heather just couldn’t pull any emotion off, and her body just would not cooperate. Lisa did sorrow, and did it well, resulting in Bianca hatin’. Saliesha, Ebony and Ambrael did very well. But, Ambrael was smiling too much, Heather defeated herself, and Ebony’s sorry was corny! The winner of the skate emotion challenge is Lisa! She shares her reward with Janet and Ebony. The other girls didn’t take this well at all.

Lisa and her friends end up doing the photoshoot for Akademiks, and the pics are said to be “hot”. The girls get back and the other models are viscous in their hate. They hit Lisa hard. The next Tyra mail comes, and the message is “Never look down.” This will involve heights, and Ambrael doesn’t do heights at all! The models get to the roof of a big building, and Ambrael gets geeked when she gets to the top. Jay comes to the roof, and he says that they will reach “new heights” in high fashion (pun intended). The models are to take pics as gargoyles like the ones you see on buildings. Heather’s confidence is high; because she’d make a great gargoyle. Jenah does good, but Jay wonders why she is holding up her hand like she’s a waitress or something. Janet didn’t get the purpose behind the photo shoot, Saliesha is too “men’s magazine”, Chantal did “so good” and Bianca turned it out! Lisa was thinking about what to do too much, and Ambrael was just trippen’! She’s too monotonous in her facial expressions. Ebony is just so one dimensional, but does a hot photo. In the end, Lisa knows she’ll be called first, but Ambrael is anxious…now its time for eliminations.

Ebony is self conscious, and not projecting confidence; its like she is forced to smile. She needs to be more natural.

Chantal does a good picture, despite the fact that she has too much leg.

Ambrael is seen as robotic and comedic, but not high fashion.

Sarah just didn’t hit the “gargoyle” look at all; and her pics were totally average, and missed the point.

Bianca had the best photo, in that she was selling something emotionally invested in the photo, and sold it!

Janet was very intense, and called to mind Liza Minelli.

Lisa had a great body shape, and her face had such intensity, and was scary even! Tyra picked up on her sadness!

Heather is in her “comfort zone”, and needs to take picture showing the other side of her face.

Jenah is being a different Jenah! She’s extraordinary, but raggedy.

Saliesha, though she is looking more “hip hop”, has the potential and confidence to be a top model.

In the end, they let Janet go. That whole Liza Minneli thing she had going just wasn’t working.

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Sexy Models from hot bikini girls!

Old video, but really hot! From Youtube!

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Model Music-Amerie CD review

I’ve always been a fan of Amerie since I brought her first album “All I Have”, I’ve always dug this model, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress. When I first heard “Why Don’t We Fall In Love”, I was impressed with her combination of confidence and beauty. That album and her second album, Touch, were defined by slick, marketable production, and each had two songs which I heard on the radio frequently when they were released. Her image on the first album for me was that sexy model/singer dealing with looking hot; like in “Talkin’ to Me” she deals with a guy who can’t talk to her so she has to read his body language to see that he likes her. On the second album she’s trying to break out of that goody two shoes image in songs like “Touch”. Again, we see how hard it is being Amerie; she wants guys to holler at her and for them to see her wild side, but she’s hot and guys are too scared to talk to her! This theme, along with her other recurring themes of being a flygirl lookin’ for love and dealing with relationships and wanting some passion in her life, are further explored on her new album, “Because I Love It”.

On her second album there was go-go, hip hop and even some “crunk” on it. On “Because I Love It”, Amerie seems to abandon the simple formulas that worked on her first two albums (which may be because she didn’t work with the same producer on this one) and enlists a whole guest list of producers who dig in the crates and really funk this album up. This album amazes me because not only does she seem to consistently recognize the old school of funk, r&b and hip hop, but she shows her more soulful side in the singing as well. I was surprised to see that she had a song on here that was produced in 1975 by Curtis Mayfield, a track so obscure I was surprised I didn’t know about it. Then there were samples of Issac Hayes and even Willie Hutch! This approach by Amerie is a bold and daring move on her part to make a somewhat non-commercial, personal record like this one.

Being a big fan of old school hip hop from the early 80’s, I was curious when I read that she sampled “World’s Famous” by the World’s Famous Supreme Team, which is one of my favorite old school hip hop tracks. She takes the song and does a simple, flirty rap to a guy too scared to talk to her, letting him know he needs to step up his game because she’s waiting, she’s hot, and his time is running out! It may piss off some hip hop purists, but to me it’s cute. It falls between Nenah Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance” (which sampled the same groups song “Buffalo Gals” and Mariah Carey’s “Honey”, which sampled “Hey DJ”, another one of the group’s classics. I listened to that song a couple of times after first hearing it.

Amerie’s theme’s on this album include that ever recurring theme of all her work-finding true love. She explores different aspects of that theme, and she seems to go deeper on this album. “Take Control” has her telling her man he has to be a man, and take control! On “Gotta Hold Back”, she is the most soulful that I have ever heard her, and I was surprised when I heard this song how she can really sing from the heart. “Crush” has her singing about that guy she just can’t get over, and “Crazy Wonderful” is about passion towards that guy again. “That’s What U R” has a hot beat that could’ve been rapped over. “Paint Me Over” has a sample by another favorite artist of mine, Willie Hutch”. “Somebody Up There” would’ve been a good song for the radio. Before the “bonus” cuts, she ends the album with the interesting “All Roads”. This song had lyrics directed toward a “guiding light”, making me wonder; was it gospel, or another song about a man? After listening to it a couple times, I concluded that it was up to the individual to decide.

This album was not easy to find. It wasn’t available on ITunes, it was sold as an import on Amazon, and I think I was lucky to find it in the record store. I read some reviews of the album in Vibe, and I waited and waited until the album would be available on ITunes. However, I found out from the fan written bio of Amerie on Wikipedia that the album was released in Europe in May 2007, but there was no definitive U.S. release date. Between my two sources, no definite reason for this could be found, and it’s weird to me that an established commercial artists like Amerie was released in Europe before being released here. I can only guess that since she took a different route artistically and in the production of the album that the industry execs screwed her up by not giving her a well marketed or promoted release in the U.S. Oh well, Amerie’s my girl and despite what haters might say about her, I think she put out an excellent album and it should get the marketing push it deserves.

Buy the album on Amazon! Check out Amerie's official site.

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ANTM-episode #4 recap; Victoria out.....

SHOW #4 starts with a makeover, referred to as a “metamorphisis”! Chantal gets real nervous about the whole idea of a makeover. The girls are shown laser images of themselves after a makeover. Some of the images are funny-Ambrael has almost no hair, Biance is given a long gold black weave, Sarah is given the “strong face short hair” look and Victoria is given an “edgy long hair” look. All the girls get shown their new hairstyles, which are meant to “re-define” them before the next photoshoot.

The reactions to the makeover are mixed. Bianca thinks she’ll look like a “street walker”, Victoria is real happy, Ebony is feeling “lonely and sad”, Heather wasn’t too excited, Janet feels happy and confident, Ambrael looks ravishing, Jenah’s hair is not “edgy”. Bianca’s new style was changed, and she wasn’t a happy camper. Lisa looks like a poodle. Ebony’s braids are tight. Bianca starts to cry when Jay suggests a new style, and starts saying she feels “defeated”. Despite the beef between Bianca and Saliesha, who gets a fly style that makes her look like Rihanna, Saliesha feels bad for Bianca.

Bianca’s hair got all cut off, and Miss J is totally messing with her because she’s almost bald! Bianca is whining about being in the bottom 2 and now losing her hair. Saliesha said that her head is swollen but she’s “fierce”. They then do the photo shoot. Models are now showing off their new looks, and they are so “high fashion”. The models find out they are to do a runway show introducing the online makeup mirror. Now all the girls crowd around the mirror, and frantically apply what the mirror tells them to. Then they all go down a runway. Sarah is the winner with her “winged eye”, who will be in the web ad.

The girls find out their next assignment, which involves getting naked! The girls go to the mountain to meet Jay. The girls are to get photographed as flowers. How do they do? Saliesha isn’t comfortable, and needs more variety. Ambrael is a rose with an arched foot. Victoria is the cactus, but she thinks it is strange, doing what she usually does, which is overthinking. Ebony was good as the bird of paradise. Chantal was the baby’s breath, but she get’s frustrated, breaks down, and keeps on wishing they’d shut up!

On elimination, they are judged on the photo shoot and their performance:

Saliesha as the tulip is confident, but her tulip is wilted, and the “high fashion” isn’t translating. Big disappointment!

Victoria as the cactus has too much attitude, no personality, is too poised and those wrinkles on her neck stand out! Poor attitude!

Sarah as the ivy just turned into an ivy with her modeling. Losing weight?

Lisa as the bamboo displays a beautiful “modelesque” fashion shoot. Too safe, no danger!

Jenah as the moss took risks and chances. She is just turning out pic after pic!

Janet as the “hydrangea” showed the biggest improvement, but need to be fluid. Too “men’s magazine”

Ambrael as the rose had a “dead face” but a good body that showed. Wilted!

Heather as a weed had one of the better pics. Check out her eyes!

Bianca as the sunflower looks like a model, but is too stiff and uncomfortable, showing a different kind of beauty. Strongest look.

Chantal as the baby’s breath complained about the direction too much. Not a model gene in her body.

After the evaluations, the cut is made….Victoria is outta here. Too much under confidence, complaining, and too much attitude. See ya!

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Alek Wek: model on a mission

I find really inspiring the story of model Alek Wek:

Picture from

Yet the story Wek is here to tell beats any amount of nightclub lowlife. Her book on her escape from the Sudanese civil war in 1991 has earned her a very different kind of media attention. At the age of 30, when many models peer gloomily into the mirror each morning and wonder if they will ever stride another catwalk, Wek has become so busy she really doesn’t care how many fashion shows she misses.

“I did those shows for so long to establish my career,” she said. “But I’m not going to spend forever running around with 17 and 18-year-old models. This is about me evolving as a person”.

Check out the rest of the story on!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Naomi Campbell’s Hottest Fashion Auction - on eBay!!!

Fashion For Relief has teamed up with, the UK’s largest online market place, and has persuaded a handful of designers to auction off the clothes modeled on the catwalk to raise even more money for this great cause. The general public have the opportunity to buy one-offs, signed and collectable items to help raise money for The Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal. The auction is currently live on with only 6 days to go!!!!

Check out more details on Showbizspy!

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ANTM 9 ep3 part1

Found this on Youtube!

ANTM recap episode #3

After the theme song and the introduction of the models, the opening scene has the models practicing their walks. Kimberly who’s from a small town practices her walk; and Bianca gives the naïve Kimberly bad tips for walking. Bianca is getting on my nerves. Of course, Heather is feeling insecure, Saliesha is helping but Bianca is again just hatin’ on Heather now because she’s doing better than her. Bianca and Saliesha talk about the “signature” walk, now Bianca’s hatin’ on Saliesha. In the fashion “madhouse”, Miss Jay scares the girls with a nurses outfit. She says she will give them high fashion in the form of straight jackets. They gotta walk in these straight jackets! Victoria has to walk as though she has endured, but Jenah get’s freaked out. The models are told; put more face in it! Heather gets embarrassed!

The girls gotta come harder, stronger, with their walks in the straight jackets. Bianca gets clowned by Miss Jay with her exaggerated poses, but then Bianca sees Saliesha walk and she says its “too commercial”. Bianca has personality, Saliesha got the experience, Kimberly claims she just has the experience of her dad taking her pics. Saliesha and Bianca go at it; catfight! Bianca loves to start stuff. Sarah understands Bianca; but before the commercial break, Bianca says “Don’t let the red hair fool you, I can be high fashion”.

The Tyra mail comes and the girls will be doing the Catour fashion show with Roy Campbell. The designer tells the girls they will be going to Paris. Bianca and Saliesha are now in it to win it! Ambrael loves the adrenaline rush of the runway. Jenah’s dress was hard to walk in. Victoria remains the lovable “nerd”. Heather is nervous. Ebony bumps Sarah on the runway accidentally. Saliesha is nervous despite the experience she says she has. Kimberly is excited. The fashion show ends, and feedback is given. Heather is elegant, but has neck issues. Saliesha has good movement. Bianca looks too mean. Kimberly was empty. Ebony was reprimanded for bumping into Sarah. Saliesha comes out the winner! Bianca is hating even more.

After another commercial break, another Tyra mail comes, which this time addresses learning the “ropes of fashion”. Jay shows the models a rope course. The photographer is Matthew Jordan Smith. The purpose of this shot is for the models to take pictures while hanging on some ropes. Lisa is afraid of heights and the rope gets to her, but she works through it. Janet is in touch but it’s hard for her. Saliesha was, as Jay put it, giving “model on a wire”, but she let go, and excelled. Bianca has to take creativity to the next level, but it’s “forced”. Victoria brings her “supernerdy”, and acts all weird anyway. Ambrael is “stunning”, but Chantal has Jay frowning. Ebony is trippin’ off being in the bottom two in the last show, it’s getting to her. Sarah realizes she has to take charge of this rope thing. Kimberly has to step out the box, but her “stepping” has Jay wondering. It was “interesting”, Jay says. After the rope challenge is over, its on to the next elimination.

As always, its tense, so in the final jugement they look at the rope shots and get to the final judgements. Heather once again delivers a great picture. Janet photos beautifully. For Ebony, the whole experience is deemed “too much for her”. Kimberly is of no fashion value, she’s too “hoochie”. Chantel has some brilliant eyes. Sarah is not perfect but her picture has a “unique” perspective. For Lisa, she did a “brave” shot. Saliesha is seen as “very brave” and amazing. Bianca, on the other hand, just doesn’t have “it”. Victoria is getting’ to Twiggy and driving Miss Jay cuckoo! Ambrael is not seen as a model, but her photo is confident, cool and elegant. Jenah is brilliant, and a great talent. In the end, the model to go is Kimberly. Crying, she laments that she is embarrassed by her pics. Tyra gives her encouragement, and Kimberly will do what she can to make it. Not on this show, but somewhere, I guess.

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Why are all the models white?

At this season's fashion shows, there has barely been a black or Asian face on the catwalks. Hadley Freeman reports from Paris on the whitewashing of the catwalk! Check it out on Guardian!

A disturbing problem has appeared on the catwalks this season. It is one that suggests the fashion industry has not just a warped but a fully offensive mentality when it comes to judging how women should look. It is a problem that has been simmering for some time, but because talking about it might offend the designers and scare off lucrative advertising accounts, hardly anyone has spoken out - and things have only got worse. We now have a situation that could lead to serious problems not only for some models, but for the public as a whole, making millions of women feel ugly, undesirable and simply wrong. And no, this is not about weight - it's about race.

Check out this shocking truth on Guardian!

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Fashion Week Trends - Hi-Waisted EVERYTHING

Check out FordModels on YouTube!