Friday, October 19, 2007

ANTM-episode #4 recap; Victoria out.....

SHOW #4 starts with a makeover, referred to as a “metamorphisis”! Chantal gets real nervous about the whole idea of a makeover. The girls are shown laser images of themselves after a makeover. Some of the images are funny-Ambrael has almost no hair, Biance is given a long gold black weave, Sarah is given the “strong face short hair” look and Victoria is given an “edgy long hair” look. All the girls get shown their new hairstyles, which are meant to “re-define” them before the next photoshoot.

The reactions to the makeover are mixed. Bianca thinks she’ll look like a “street walker”, Victoria is real happy, Ebony is feeling “lonely and sad”, Heather wasn’t too excited, Janet feels happy and confident, Ambrael looks ravishing, Jenah’s hair is not “edgy”. Bianca’s new style was changed, and she wasn’t a happy camper. Lisa looks like a poodle. Ebony’s braids are tight. Bianca starts to cry when Jay suggests a new style, and starts saying she feels “defeated”. Despite the beef between Bianca and Saliesha, who gets a fly style that makes her look like Rihanna, Saliesha feels bad for Bianca.

Bianca’s hair got all cut off, and Miss J is totally messing with her because she’s almost bald! Bianca is whining about being in the bottom 2 and now losing her hair. Saliesha said that her head is swollen but she’s “fierce”. They then do the photo shoot. Models are now showing off their new looks, and they are so “high fashion”. The models find out they are to do a runway show introducing the online makeup mirror. Now all the girls crowd around the mirror, and frantically apply what the mirror tells them to. Then they all go down a runway. Sarah is the winner with her “winged eye”, who will be in the web ad.

The girls find out their next assignment, which involves getting naked! The girls go to the mountain to meet Jay. The girls are to get photographed as flowers. How do they do? Saliesha isn’t comfortable, and needs more variety. Ambrael is a rose with an arched foot. Victoria is the cactus, but she thinks it is strange, doing what she usually does, which is overthinking. Ebony was good as the bird of paradise. Chantal was the baby’s breath, but she get’s frustrated, breaks down, and keeps on wishing they’d shut up!

On elimination, they are judged on the photo shoot and their performance:

Saliesha as the tulip is confident, but her tulip is wilted, and the “high fashion” isn’t translating. Big disappointment!

Victoria as the cactus has too much attitude, no personality, is too poised and those wrinkles on her neck stand out! Poor attitude!

Sarah as the ivy just turned into an ivy with her modeling. Losing weight?

Lisa as the bamboo displays a beautiful “modelesque” fashion shoot. Too safe, no danger!

Jenah as the moss took risks and chances. She is just turning out pic after pic!

Janet as the “hydrangea” showed the biggest improvement, but need to be fluid. Too “men’s magazine”

Ambrael as the rose had a “dead face” but a good body that showed. Wilted!

Heather as a weed had one of the better pics. Check out her eyes!

Bianca as the sunflower looks like a model, but is too stiff and uncomfortable, showing a different kind of beauty. Strongest look.

Chantal as the baby’s breath complained about the direction too much. Not a model gene in her body.

After the evaluations, the cut is made….Victoria is outta here. Too much under confidence, complaining, and too much attitude. See ya!

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