Friday, October 26, 2007

ANTM-episode #5-Janet out!

The sixth episode starts with a recap of last episode, and then we see the girls talking in a van. Saliesha is talking about stepping up her game. Janet is talking about how she feels she is at a disadvantage, with her being so short and curvy. Heather is all of a sudden now critiquing people! Ambrael is singing, and the girls are going ewwww…..! Lisa thought she was perfect, but instead she is insecure. The next Tyra mail has a message; spring forward, fall back!

The girls hook up with the infamous Benny Ninja! The challenge is for the girls to convey emotion in the air, jumping on a trampoline. The girls are just awkward; like Janet, who tries to pose, but her body hurts and she’s so uncomfortable. Bianca and Ebony are the most awkward, but Saliesha and Chantal totally work it. Heather falls on her butt. Ambrael teaches the girls some things, but Lisa held back and just didn’t have confidence in herself. The girls then run around the house nude, making the show look like summer camp!

Benny Ninja now brings the girls to an ice rink; but rather than having to skate, they have to pose in the air on ice. The models become scared; how well will they do in their poses? They will be given an emotion they have to convey in their pose. Dani, the prior ANTM winner, gives them advice. Janet’s anger emotion was weak. Jenah hit sorrow! Sarah was anger. Bianca had the best smile, which made her stand out. Chantal had joy. Heather just couldn’t pull any emotion off, and her body just would not cooperate. Lisa did sorrow, and did it well, resulting in Bianca hatin’. Saliesha, Ebony and Ambrael did very well. But, Ambrael was smiling too much, Heather defeated herself, and Ebony’s sorry was corny! The winner of the skate emotion challenge is Lisa! She shares her reward with Janet and Ebony. The other girls didn’t take this well at all.

Lisa and her friends end up doing the photoshoot for Akademiks, and the pics are said to be “hot”. The girls get back and the other models are viscous in their hate. They hit Lisa hard. The next Tyra mail comes, and the message is “Never look down.” This will involve heights, and Ambrael doesn’t do heights at all! The models get to the roof of a big building, and Ambrael gets geeked when she gets to the top. Jay comes to the roof, and he says that they will reach “new heights” in high fashion (pun intended). The models are to take pics as gargoyles like the ones you see on buildings. Heather’s confidence is high; because she’d make a great gargoyle. Jenah does good, but Jay wonders why she is holding up her hand like she’s a waitress or something. Janet didn’t get the purpose behind the photo shoot, Saliesha is too “men’s magazine”, Chantal did “so good” and Bianca turned it out! Lisa was thinking about what to do too much, and Ambrael was just trippen’! She’s too monotonous in her facial expressions. Ebony is just so one dimensional, but does a hot photo. In the end, Lisa knows she’ll be called first, but Ambrael is anxious…now its time for eliminations.

Ebony is self conscious, and not projecting confidence; its like she is forced to smile. She needs to be more natural.

Chantal does a good picture, despite the fact that she has too much leg.

Ambrael is seen as robotic and comedic, but not high fashion.

Sarah just didn’t hit the “gargoyle” look at all; and her pics were totally average, and missed the point.

Bianca had the best photo, in that she was selling something emotionally invested in the photo, and sold it!

Janet was very intense, and called to mind Liza Minelli.

Lisa had a great body shape, and her face had such intensity, and was scary even! Tyra picked up on her sadness!

Heather is in her “comfort zone”, and needs to take picture showing the other side of her face.

Jenah is being a different Jenah! She’s extraordinary, but raggedy.

Saliesha, though she is looking more “hip hop”, has the potential and confidence to be a top model.

In the end, they let Janet go. That whole Liza Minneli thing she had going just wasn’t working.

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