Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ANTM-Episode #6:Goodbye Ebony!

The girls are in the house, Ebony is talking about trying to lighten up, Ambrael talking to her dad about being in the bottom 2 and all, and Bianca and Heather talk about Heather’s unhealthy habit of beating herself up. Bianca gives her “advice” and then in comes male supermodel Tyson to the house, and the girls get all excited. Ebony was all into Tyson, and the girls grab stuff and demonstrate spokesperson delivery, and they get all corny. Heather impresses Tyson, Ambrael gets Tyson to eat a mango, and they all get geeked and crazy on him.

At the studio, they get introduced to the PSA client. The models have to be spokespersons for the AIDS in Africa AIDS awareness campaign, with posters that read “I am African”. They all demonstrate the spokesperson in the PSA; Ebony’s group is energetic, Bianca’s group is relying too much on Bianca for the ideas, and Ambrael’s group is sleepy.

Team #1-They had a hot idea, but they messed up the lines and messed up the charity’s name.

Team #2- They did surprisingly well, but there was no life in the PSA.

Team#3-There PSA was the best, but they got the objective of the charity wrong, so Team #2 gets picked!

Heather gets picked in the end for a photo shoot with Mary J Blige. Mary, looking kinda hot in this scene, is the director. She compliments Heather, saying she could be a top model! In the next scene, the models are eating food in the closet because its cold in the house. Ebony say’s she’s ready to go, but Bianca is trying to work her eyes. When Heather gets home after the Mary J shoot, the other models are asking a bunch of questions, and Bianca is “baffled” at her success.

The next photo shoot is a high fashion editorial about recycling, and they meet the photographer. As the shooting commences, Jay says that with Heather, the judges will be shocked. Sarah, Jay says, looks like a “heap of garbage”, which for the shoot might be a good thing! But he’s just kidding. He wants Saliesha to “take a risk”, and Ebony needs to get more happy, but she’s trampish and uninspiring. The lackluster Jenah listens to advice. Bianca, who was really oily, is smiling with her eyes, and was “dead on”. Lisa, who uses her limbs, did a good job. Ambrael, who is trippen off being in the bottom 2, looks inexperienced, boring, and uninspiring. She’s got the innate sensibility, but keeps on getting psyched out!


Saliesha: Picture was her best shoot, the 2nd best at that. She’s raising the bar, showing her neck, and she’s all psyched. The judges say she’s improving and she wants it.

Jenah: She had an “attitude” in the shot, but it was a good fashion shot. The judges say she is “sensational”.

Ambrael: She’s dead in her eyes, has to right the wrong and be comfortable. The judges say she’s “nice”.

Lisa: This wasn’t their favorite shot from her; and she needs to take more chances. The judges say she needs to take “Model 101”

Bianca: She’s too stiff, but her face is stunning, and Tyra likes what she is doing with the eyes. The judges say she’s “coming to her own”.

Sarah: She doesn’t look high fashion, and she is losing weight! Since she was picked to be reppin’ the “full figured” set, the judges notice that she is losing weight and don’t like it!

Ebony: Her pic was like yuck! I didn’t like it, but I like her. She got a cute ass LOL. The judges say that she “doesn’t want to be here.”

Chantal: There are mixed reviews on her picture. The judges say “the wind machine took over.”

Heather: What can anybody say? She just can’t do wrong! The judges say “she took the best picture”.

Ebony and Ambrael are in the bottom 2; but though Ambrael is picked to be eliminated, Ebony backs out of the show entirely. The pressure got the best of her. The judges were right-she didn’t want to be there!

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