Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ANTM recap episode #3

After the theme song and the introduction of the models, the opening scene has the models practicing their walks. Kimberly who’s from a small town practices her walk; and Bianca gives the naïve Kimberly bad tips for walking. Bianca is getting on my nerves. Of course, Heather is feeling insecure, Saliesha is helping but Bianca is again just hatin’ on Heather now because she’s doing better than her. Bianca and Saliesha talk about the “signature” walk, now Bianca’s hatin’ on Saliesha. In the fashion “madhouse”, Miss Jay scares the girls with a nurses outfit. She says she will give them high fashion in the form of straight jackets. They gotta walk in these straight jackets! Victoria has to walk as though she has endured, but Jenah get’s freaked out. The models are told; put more face in it! Heather gets embarrassed!

The girls gotta come harder, stronger, with their walks in the straight jackets. Bianca gets clowned by Miss Jay with her exaggerated poses, but then Bianca sees Saliesha walk and she says its “too commercial”. Bianca has personality, Saliesha got the experience, Kimberly claims she just has the experience of her dad taking her pics. Saliesha and Bianca go at it; catfight! Bianca loves to start stuff. Sarah understands Bianca; but before the commercial break, Bianca says “Don’t let the red hair fool you, I can be high fashion”.

The Tyra mail comes and the girls will be doing the Catour fashion show with Roy Campbell. The designer tells the girls they will be going to Paris. Bianca and Saliesha are now in it to win it! Ambrael loves the adrenaline rush of the runway. Jenah’s dress was hard to walk in. Victoria remains the lovable “nerd”. Heather is nervous. Ebony bumps Sarah on the runway accidentally. Saliesha is nervous despite the experience she says she has. Kimberly is excited. The fashion show ends, and feedback is given. Heather is elegant, but has neck issues. Saliesha has good movement. Bianca looks too mean. Kimberly was empty. Ebony was reprimanded for bumping into Sarah. Saliesha comes out the winner! Bianca is hating even more.

After another commercial break, another Tyra mail comes, which this time addresses learning the “ropes of fashion”. Jay shows the models a rope course. The photographer is Matthew Jordan Smith. The purpose of this shot is for the models to take pictures while hanging on some ropes. Lisa is afraid of heights and the rope gets to her, but she works through it. Janet is in touch but it’s hard for her. Saliesha was, as Jay put it, giving “model on a wire”, but she let go, and excelled. Bianca has to take creativity to the next level, but it’s “forced”. Victoria brings her “supernerdy”, and acts all weird anyway. Ambrael is “stunning”, but Chantal has Jay frowning. Ebony is trippin’ off being in the bottom two in the last show, it’s getting to her. Sarah realizes she has to take charge of this rope thing. Kimberly has to step out the box, but her “stepping” has Jay wondering. It was “interesting”, Jay says. After the rope challenge is over, its on to the next elimination.

As always, its tense, so in the final jugement they look at the rope shots and get to the final judgements. Heather once again delivers a great picture. Janet photos beautifully. For Ebony, the whole experience is deemed “too much for her”. Kimberly is of no fashion value, she’s too “hoochie”. Chantel has some brilliant eyes. Sarah is not perfect but her picture has a “unique” perspective. For Lisa, she did a “brave” shot. Saliesha is seen as “very brave” and amazing. Bianca, on the other hand, just doesn’t have “it”. Victoria is getting’ to Twiggy and driving Miss Jay cuckoo! Ambrael is not seen as a model, but her photo is confident, cool and elegant. Jenah is brilliant, and a great talent. In the end, the model to go is Kimberly. Crying, she laments that she is embarrassed by her pics. Tyra gives her encouragement, and Kimberly will do what she can to make it. Not on this show, but somewhere, I guess.

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