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Check out Fashion TV!

Just found this hot station on Youtube for Fashion TV! It's geared toward high fashion! They got like more than 3,000 videos on it! Check it out.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tyra in the news!

TYRA BANKS: Big Things Poppin' with New Deal

Check out this hot video from Youtube!
The former supermodel turned television personality has signed a long-term deal with Warner Bros. Television, in which she will develop scripted shows, reality fare, movies, and straight to DVD projects.

Check out the details in Black Voices!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

ANTM #10-Goodbye to Lisa......

Video from Youtube!
The girls start out the show packing. Bianca as usual is hating on Heather, Lisa is discouraged, and they are leaving quick. But Heather is falling behind, moving really slow. They get all excited about their trip they are taking to China. Bianca even makes a statement that its exciting to be in China since everything is made in China! When they get to the building, they notice the apartment they are in is totally awesome. Heather is being too slow and didn’t even get to a bed. Saliesha and Heather go at it because Saliesha wants the big bed all to herself. Heather then proceeds to do what she usually does; freak out. The girls keep messing with her, especially a wise cracking Bianca!

Bianca says funny stuff about Heather and how others have to stand up for her because of her “disability or whatever”. The models then meet the Chinese photographer. The photographer does a fight with some other guy. The girls are then taught some basic martial arts. They go through the positions really fast, and they are just going too fast for Bianca, so she got “sour”. The models have to do the positions they were taught lifted up in the air. They are lifted with a bunch of ropes by the Chinese guys, and you can tell the pain and discomfort the models are experiencing. Lisa screams and carries on. Saliesha had fun with it! Bianca and Heather go up, and Heather rises to the occasion, while Bianca freaks out. Heather is helping Bianca, but Bianca just freezes up. Heather straight did it while Bianca was saying “I don’t wanna do this, I just want to model!” Heather wins a shopping spree and takes Chantal with her.

The first shoot is in Shanghai, and Jay emphasizes one thing; “Don’t try-do!” Lisa is determined to step her game up. Heather recognizes that she chokes up. The girls have to memorize a line. They do a line in a commercial shoot. Saliesha does good, mad energy and she hit it. Bianca does good but keeps messing up her line. She did do well in the end. Heather never gets it; and it gets to a point where Jay has to feed her the lines! She does alright. Jenah looked the part of a covergirl. Chantal did the next door girl thing. Lisa is so nervous, and gets all discouraged and upset because she focused on failing. She doesn’t perform. Lisa gets advise from Saliesha, but does not take it. At this point, I predict, Bianca and Lisa at the bottom 2. Heather says “I don’t want to go home.” What irony.

The eliminations:

Chantal is really cute, but wrinkles her nose. Her lesson is to learn to smile in the photos. The judgement on her is that she needs work.

Bianca was disqualified, and said she didn’t do the challenge of posing in the air because she doesn’t trust strangers. Her commercial was flawed and a mess, but they still saw her as “Black woman as queen”. She does need to smile though, and her commercial was weak!

Jenah just lacked charm, and wasn’t convincing, and her pictures were of a “queen of reckless abandon”. She wasn’t the best, and no better than before.

Saliesha looked beautiful, but she has to “watch her smile”. The judges say she has potential, and is getting better.

Heather was the challenge winner, but the TV commercial routine was a disaster! The question they asked themselves was “Can she hold it together?”

Lisa did a poor commercial, and was going to cry. The lesson in that was to let emotions go, and then work. Modeling industry is about constructive critique. They say she is wilted. In the end, she was sent home. Adios!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Quote:Naomi Campbell learns from mistakes!

"It's been a very interesting year. I've learned many lessons, like no more phones. In New York I'm the bad girl, I'm the good girl, I'm a controversial girl, and I've been through so much in this city,” the New York Post quoted her, as saying.

Check out her vow never to throw phones at people on Times of India!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Britain's beauty industry accused of ignoring black and Asian women By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent

Published 11/15/07

Black and Asian people are largely ignored by the £3bn-a-year beauty industry which concentrates on selling products to white women, a report says.

Few cosmetics giants produce ethnic ranges and few large retailers stock them, meaning that black and Asian women have to rely on outdated American imports and specialist shops.

Because the market in the US has changed little since the 1980s this leaves the emphasis on white teeth and big hair, a look "out of kilter" with today's young black and Asian women, says the market research company Mintel.

Overall, the market for black, Asian and other minority make-up, skin and haircare is £65m, 2 per cent of the £3.7bn British beauty industry, despite ethnic minorities comprising 7.9 per cent of the population. Black people trying to buy make-up, haircare and skincare products are being frustrated, the analyst Alexandra Richmond believes. She says: "A lack of new product developments on the part of the manufacturers as well as limited availability has undoubtedly been a major barrier in the ethnic beauty market.

"Although there are luxury beauty ranges for those with darker skin tones, mass-market alternatives on the high street are still few and far between."

The report also warns that companies are missing out on lucrative business and follows concern that ethnic minorities are under-represented in the visual industries of beauty, fashion and advertising.

Few black or Asian models stride down the fashion catwalk, with the high-profile exception of Naomi Campbell, according to the London Assembly member and former fashion executive Dee Doocey, who has called a summit next year to address the issue.

Non-white people make up more than 20 per cent of the population in London yet only 1 per cent of the models in the capital, according to one estimate.

The last census by the Institute of Advertising Practioners in 2003 found that only 4 per cent of people in adverts came from ethnic minorities. When black people do appear, they are often there to emphasis their ethnicity rather than to represent the general population. Ethnic minorities are also under-represented in creative roles at advertising agencies. Mintel says that interest in looks is universal in a modern media age where women feel compelled to make the best of themselves by investing in clothes and make-up. "However, amongst the black community, it goes much deeper," the report says.

Ethnic women have very different beauty needs because their complexions require specialist foundation and might also suffer more from pigmentation damage. Yet few major cosmetics companies have ethnic make-up ranges. Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives all have foundations for darker skin in their general range. If the industry launched new products, the ethnic minority beauty business could surge in value by 35 per cent to £88m by 2012.

The industry is targeting anti-ageing creams for different age groups and shampoos for specific hair types to the general population. "There is clearly the potential for the industry to apply this approach to the ethnic beauty market, which would undoubtedly be welcomed by ethnic consumers and give the market a much needed boost," says Ms Richmond.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Ebony show celebrates 50 years of breaking barriers, launching careers

Excerpt from article on Ebony Fashion Fair:
"It was a breakthrough," Jackson says. "I didn't realize that there were African-American models of that stature. It was another indication that we could do things. You didn't have to be a teacher or a secretary or a nurse, which were the predominant professions for black women who were college-trained."

Jackson, 61, a principal leadership coach, will preside over the 50th Anniversary of the Ebony Fashion Fair in Detroit as general chair with the Detroit Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., which is hosting the show at the Max M. Fisher Music Center on Sunday.

In its 50 years, the Fashion Fair has raised more than $55 million for African-American organizations nationwide. Last year, the Detroit show raised more than $30,000 for scholarship and public service programs run by the Detroit chapter.

Check out the rest of the articleabout the Ebony Fashion Fair!

Friday, November 16, 2007


The girls start the show by speaking French (especially Bianca). Bianca is messing with Heather’s mind, and says to the camera that Heather is bound to have a “nervous breakdown” sooner or later.

In this next phase of the show, they will taught to be inspiring. They meet Benny Ninja at some model school. Their challenge is to be a “designer muse”. They are shown an ugly blue dress, and shown the designers they are to work with. Bianca isn’t feeling this exercise. Bianca starts out not being able to vibe with the designers, and neither was Heather. The designer sees Angela as a “party girl”. They are broken up and told they will have to see them at the runway show.

Bianca sees this as her time to shine. Ambrael is still trying to prove herself. Heather is seen as the one who takes incredible pics! The other girls are marveling at Heather and have much jealousy against her. Bianca hates the dress, and Heather hates the dress as well. They will be judged on how they “own it”. They are all walking down a runway. Bianca breaks down the whole “Cleapatra Jones” thing. Heather gets stage fright. Oh no! She is stuttering, and is very awkward. Ambrael does good, but she is just “too much” again. The models now get feedback. Jenah sold her dress beautifully. Lisa gets nervous and trips over her words. She messed up, and gets emotional. Chantal looks pissed off. Saliesha had real stage presence but did the “wink”. Ambrael stepped over the line, Bianca had too much attitude, Lisa needs confidence, Heather “didn’t want to be there”.
Bianca relished as Saliesha ended up being the winner of this challenge. Heather then starts to get emotional and cries; and the other girls try to encourage her. Saliesha brings Bianca and Lisa to the 17 Magazine photo shoot. The pictures are hot. The next Tyra note says that “the heat is on.” Lisa, Saliesha and Heather get into it over use of the shower. Heather’s acting all scary. Bianca starts messing with Heather. Funny.

Ambrael is talking to her Dad. The girls scream “road trip” and they are then taken to a dessert. Its really hot in the dessert. Jay is coming at them. They will be “models lost in the dessert.” They are made up and introduced to the photographer. Bianca does good when she is photographed. Heather is still sad, and when it is her turn to take a picture, she is looking very lost and awkward. Chantal is frustrated with the direction she is given, but does good. Saliesha just looks like a model, and she plays up the theme of “frustration”. Ambrael is posing, and gets it for once! Jenah looks really good in her shot. Lisa worried about producing a good shot, but didn’t work the garment.

Bianca talks to Heather, but she’s working her brain! Ambrael talks about how stuff is hard, and Heather is still geeked.

Time for eliminations:

Jenah did good on her pic, it was thought of as being fantastic, with the body language which was all over in a fantastic way. She was thought of as special and “great”.

Lisa had a dramatic picture but didn’t emphasize her body. The judges thought she was getting worse, going down the tubes, and not “fresh” anymore.

Saliesha had attitude in her pic, but it wasn’t striking, and she has to take more chances. She was thought to be drop dead gorgeous, and most aggressive.

Bianca has lots of attitude, shows dress well, and did a fashion picture. Bianca was confident, strong and amazing!

Chantal had the best picture to date. Legs looked longer. She’s pretty, but not a superstar; but has a Cheryl Tiegs look.

Heather was suprising in a joyous way, had a good shot, but wasn’t the best. She was mysterious, with her music video style shot.

Ambrael looked beautiful, but seemed to be hiding the clothes.

An oriental dragon came out, saying that “The lion told them they were going to China, but one will not be going.” That one turned out to be Ambrael. I liked her, but for these judges at this point, she just didn’t really have any way of convincing the judges she was up to par and deserved to be there. Hate to see a fellow Howard University student go down like that, but she had it coming. Oh well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Interview w/Kami!

Kami is the sweetest model you will ever meet. With a beautiful smile and an awesome shape, Kami can make you smile and blush at the same time. What I like about Kami is the fact that not only is she extremely hot, but she also knows exactly where she is going in the modeling game. I've been a fan of hers ever since I first saw her, so I am glad I got the chance to interview this stunning queen. Just a warning though, her site is extremely hot so I recommend if for a mature audience! Check her out on Myspace, and get to know the sweet and lovely Kami!

First of all, where are you from and what city, state or town are you representing? DETROIT, MI

What are your measurements? 34c-27-40 5ft 8in 135 lbs green eyes and dark blonde hair ( for now; it may change by the end of the month lol)

Your look is really exotic. What is your ethnic background? Thank you :) I usually make it easy and say African american but I'm a melting pot lol...(on my maternal side ) jewish, french, japanese.... ( on my paternal side) african american & native american (cherokee & blackfoot)

Why did you want to become a model? It started out as a hobby simply to break me out of being so shy by forcing me to deal with situations & people i wouldn't have encountered.. my fear of embarrassment supersedes my shyness

What do you bring to the modeling field or game? Persistence, dedication, versatility and flexibility.. sad to say though these attributes should be a given in this industry, i've personally have witnessed on different assignments where they're a rarity:( its a shame when you do what suppose to , it actually makes you a standout

What do you like to do in your free time? Think and set in motion different ways to expand my future empire lol ...seriously, i enjoy writing, crocheting, cooking and reading as well as mastering different computer programs

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Jamaica.. its absolutely beautiful there

I’m sure the fellas will want to know-are you single or taken? I'm very much single *wink*

What kind of man do you prefer; Wall Street executive or hat to the back thug? Wall street executive...i have very little patience for immaturity.. its cool to be laid back sometimes, but hanging on the corner with your boys wth your pants resting below your waist, grabbing your crotch shooting the breeze about how you're going to blow the rap game wide open or be the next Kobe faithfully every day like it's your job is not cool at 20, 25 and definitely not 30.. grow up!

What was your first kiss like? I had my first kiss at 15.. it was nice.. i only did it to see what it would felt like.. coincidentally it was a french kiss lol.. i did pretty well because the guy didn't want to stop afterwards lol

Another question Im sure the fellas will want to know, what are you most likely to wear to the beach? The skimpiest bikini possible or if i'm lucky, nude. To bed? nude or topless depending on how hot it is.. To the club, if you go to clubs? something cute that shows my legs & skin off as much as possible...what can i say? i'm a minimalist lol

What is your most defining feature? I would say my legs.. i try to show them off as much as possible plus they're long and toned.. definitely attention getters.. a close second would be my rear end.. its not exceptionally big but it can hold its own and has a nice shape lol

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get alot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention? I know you probably get this response a lot but i don't.. i'm a homebody.. When I do venture out although I'm not as shy as i once was,i still don't like to draw attention to myself constantly unless I'm working a modeling job (conventions, hosting a party, promotions, etc) where its required.. I've been told that my quiet demeanor is often viewed by guys as intimidating which i'm trying to work on.

What's the worst opening line you have heard? "aye bay bay".. any guy that approaches with that immediately gets a deaf ear.. i don't care what you have to say after that..i freaking hate that song! and calling me "boo" won't get you anywhere either

When you model, what settings do you like to do the most? I'm not picky.. as long as the team keep a friendly atmosphere going, there can be music blasting or the place can be as quiet as a church mouse, i'm good:)

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of? It would have to be a tie between Playboy & my own as a matter of fact, scratch that; definitely my own lol which will be coming out in 2008.. cop it!

What is your favorite part about being a model? The traveling and interaction with people from different walks of life.. i was extremely sheltered as a child so it has and still continues to be quite an adventure!

What are your goals in terms of being a model? I want to be known as a "brand" not a model.. once i decided to take my modeling career seriously, its always been my goal to use it as a springboard to showcase my other talents which will be reflected in the projects i have forthcoming later this year and next..

Who do you prefer, Tyra or Naomi? Naomi.. she may have a bad rep but her walk is fierce and she dominates the room with her presence when she enters

Can you give a rundown of all the sites you are on? Kami2hotcom.html ,

Anything else you want to throw out there to the people?
If you haven't already, subscribe to my blog on myspace ( ) to stay abreast of all my upcoming projects because i can guarantee you'll be seeing and hearing a LOT about me in the months to come

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word..... One word.. wow.. i'll have to go with "enigmatic" because you never know what i'm up to or thinking until i decide to reveal it

Kami's "favorites":

Color: Midnight blue
Type of flower:
day lily
Type of car: BMW 2007 Limited Edition Individual M6 Convertible
too many to pick from
Brand of jeans:
Brand of lingerie: Victoria's Secret
Movie: LOTR...all three flicks count as one:)
Type of food: my homemade lasagna.. i throw down in the kitchen:)
Mixed drink:
sparkling white grape juice and pepsi own concoction! )
Sports Team:
Detroit Tigers
Day of the week:
Actor or Actress: female: Angelina Jolie...she can play any role to perfection plus she's hot to def! male: Keanu Reeves... he's just soooooooooo fine!
don't have one
Book: The Smillarion.. i LOVE epic fantasy:)
Free time activity: Writing
Celebrity: Kimora Lee Simmons... this former model created a empire that she has an ACTIVE role in the day to day operations & it just keeps getting better
Flavor of Ice Cream:
Type of kiss: Long deep french kiss:) one of my favorite past times

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jamaica's Next Supermodel!

From 18 hopefuls, the competition is now down to five beautiful models vying for the opportunity to make their name in the high-flying fashion world, in the Pulse Caribbean Model Search (CMS) Reality TV.

The series, which airs on CVM television on Fridays at 9:00 p.m, accelerates to the final showdown as the girls inch closer to their dream of representing Jamaica in the international leg of the Search for the Caribbean's Next Supermodel.

Read the rest on the Jamiaca Gleaner. The picture is of Heidi Ann Jamieson;see more here and Golocal Jamaica!

Friday, November 09, 2007

ANTM episode#7: Sarah's outta there!

The show starts with Bianca talking about the recently departed (from the show) Ebony, and then all the girls talk about Ebony; all the while Ambrael starts to see the situation as a second chance for her. As they are sitting in a pool, Bianca is messing with Heather because she’s hatin’. Heather makes an interesting point; modeling is art with the body. Bianca is still messing with her, and the other girls are wondering why.

Tyra does the mail and she quotes that song “This is why Im hot.” They all get dressed in a leotard. Tyra does an imitation of Debbie Harry from the movie “Fame”, talking about how they will have to “work”. She’s teaching them to be “model sexy”, and how to walk the runway properly. They all start doing the runway walk with Tyra. Then, she goes on to teach the models to hug themselves and act all silly for the camera. They go on to do a “slide down the wall” routine. Heather starts to look possessed. Lisa gets sexy down, but she needs to work her muscles. Now they gotta crawl. Tyra wants that direct approach, but Chantal isn’t pushing all the way. Bianca is holding back, and though she hates on Heather again, Tyra loves what Heather does. She says that Heather has “magic”, and that she should just be beautiful and use her loveliness.

In the next Tyra mail, they are told they will be sharing the spotlight with a musician! The models meet Jessy Terrero, the video director. They will be put into the video with multi-platinum artist Enrique Inglesias. Saliesha is all geeked by him. Enrique is looking for personality and how they are in front of the camera. They all dress up half naked and funky to be picked for the video. They’re all looking for that “Gothic” look. But where is Heather?

Commercial break, and then Lisa is picked to be the lead girl for the video. She had the right vibe and look, and she is just tall! Then Heather got picked for the other starring part in the video. They do the video, and midway Heather questions herself. Chantal was very stiff, and didn’t “own” it. Ambrael did the wall thing Tyra taught in the previous session in this show, and though she did good, she kept on talking about not belonging. Lisa did her part very well. Bianca and Saliesha were sexy and flirty in a classic model way, but the line between “video vixen” and model are blurred. The girls are really tired after a long day on the video set. Heather starts really tripping out, fainting and stumbling, and having a hard time breathing. Medics get to Bianca, and I was surprised that video sets had medics! Saliesha attributes Heather’s falling out to Heather not being able to really get down and party all night! Bianca says that Heather can’t possibly live the model’s life; she’ll end up with a nervous breakdown. Before you know it, it’s time for elimination. Ambrael is feeling defeated, and Jenah is just so unsure.

Evaluations summarized:

Lisa-star of the video, was great and she nailed it. The camera loves her, and she popped off!

Ambrael-She was “hoochie” in front of the camera, licked her lips, connected with the camera but fell flat. She is not a top model.

Saliesha-Eye contact was good, she worked it!

Sarah-Was looking embarrassed about being plus sized; her focus is too much on the “plus size” issue.

Jenah-She isn’t in control of her “sexy”; in the video she was smiling but not looking the part, and she was better playing the part in the critique.

Heather-Was piercing; a lil off, but stepped up.

Chantal-Holding back; she’s modeling but not acting. She was stiff, and fell flat.

Bianca-Had confidence, but didn’t make it fluid, had a “fat ass” confidence.

The last two girls were Chantal and Sarah; Chantal’s performance was a waste of film, and Sarah’s plus size thing was overwhelming. Sarah is cut. She was crying hard!

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Happy Birthday Melyssa Ford!

Happy Birthday to urban model icon Melyssa Ford! Check out this hot video of her talking about her style!

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