Friday, November 09, 2007

ANTM episode#7: Sarah's outta there!

The show starts with Bianca talking about the recently departed (from the show) Ebony, and then all the girls talk about Ebony; all the while Ambrael starts to see the situation as a second chance for her. As they are sitting in a pool, Bianca is messing with Heather because she’s hatin’. Heather makes an interesting point; modeling is art with the body. Bianca is still messing with her, and the other girls are wondering why.

Tyra does the mail and she quotes that song “This is why Im hot.” They all get dressed in a leotard. Tyra does an imitation of Debbie Harry from the movie “Fame”, talking about how they will have to “work”. She’s teaching them to be “model sexy”, and how to walk the runway properly. They all start doing the runway walk with Tyra. Then, she goes on to teach the models to hug themselves and act all silly for the camera. They go on to do a “slide down the wall” routine. Heather starts to look possessed. Lisa gets sexy down, but she needs to work her muscles. Now they gotta crawl. Tyra wants that direct approach, but Chantal isn’t pushing all the way. Bianca is holding back, and though she hates on Heather again, Tyra loves what Heather does. She says that Heather has “magic”, and that she should just be beautiful and use her loveliness.

In the next Tyra mail, they are told they will be sharing the spotlight with a musician! The models meet Jessy Terrero, the video director. They will be put into the video with multi-platinum artist Enrique Inglesias. Saliesha is all geeked by him. Enrique is looking for personality and how they are in front of the camera. They all dress up half naked and funky to be picked for the video. They’re all looking for that “Gothic” look. But where is Heather?

Commercial break, and then Lisa is picked to be the lead girl for the video. She had the right vibe and look, and she is just tall! Then Heather got picked for the other starring part in the video. They do the video, and midway Heather questions herself. Chantal was very stiff, and didn’t “own” it. Ambrael did the wall thing Tyra taught in the previous session in this show, and though she did good, she kept on talking about not belonging. Lisa did her part very well. Bianca and Saliesha were sexy and flirty in a classic model way, but the line between “video vixen” and model are blurred. The girls are really tired after a long day on the video set. Heather starts really tripping out, fainting and stumbling, and having a hard time breathing. Medics get to Bianca, and I was surprised that video sets had medics! Saliesha attributes Heather’s falling out to Heather not being able to really get down and party all night! Bianca says that Heather can’t possibly live the model’s life; she’ll end up with a nervous breakdown. Before you know it, it’s time for elimination. Ambrael is feeling defeated, and Jenah is just so unsure.

Evaluations summarized:

Lisa-star of the video, was great and she nailed it. The camera loves her, and she popped off!

Ambrael-She was “hoochie” in front of the camera, licked her lips, connected with the camera but fell flat. She is not a top model.

Saliesha-Eye contact was good, she worked it!

Sarah-Was looking embarrassed about being plus sized; her focus is too much on the “plus size” issue.

Jenah-She isn’t in control of her “sexy”; in the video she was smiling but not looking the part, and she was better playing the part in the critique.

Heather-Was piercing; a lil off, but stepped up.

Chantal-Holding back; she’s modeling but not acting. She was stiff, and fell flat.

Bianca-Had confidence, but didn’t make it fluid, had a “fat ass” confidence.

The last two girls were Chantal and Sarah; Chantal’s performance was a waste of film, and Sarah’s plus size thing was overwhelming. Sarah is cut. She was crying hard!

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