Friday, November 16, 2007


The girls start the show by speaking French (especially Bianca). Bianca is messing with Heather’s mind, and says to the camera that Heather is bound to have a “nervous breakdown” sooner or later.

In this next phase of the show, they will taught to be inspiring. They meet Benny Ninja at some model school. Their challenge is to be a “designer muse”. They are shown an ugly blue dress, and shown the designers they are to work with. Bianca isn’t feeling this exercise. Bianca starts out not being able to vibe with the designers, and neither was Heather. The designer sees Angela as a “party girl”. They are broken up and told they will have to see them at the runway show.

Bianca sees this as her time to shine. Ambrael is still trying to prove herself. Heather is seen as the one who takes incredible pics! The other girls are marveling at Heather and have much jealousy against her. Bianca hates the dress, and Heather hates the dress as well. They will be judged on how they “own it”. They are all walking down a runway. Bianca breaks down the whole “Cleapatra Jones” thing. Heather gets stage fright. Oh no! She is stuttering, and is very awkward. Ambrael does good, but she is just “too much” again. The models now get feedback. Jenah sold her dress beautifully. Lisa gets nervous and trips over her words. She messed up, and gets emotional. Chantal looks pissed off. Saliesha had real stage presence but did the “wink”. Ambrael stepped over the line, Bianca had too much attitude, Lisa needs confidence, Heather “didn’t want to be there”.
Bianca relished as Saliesha ended up being the winner of this challenge. Heather then starts to get emotional and cries; and the other girls try to encourage her. Saliesha brings Bianca and Lisa to the 17 Magazine photo shoot. The pictures are hot. The next Tyra note says that “the heat is on.” Lisa, Saliesha and Heather get into it over use of the shower. Heather’s acting all scary. Bianca starts messing with Heather. Funny.

Ambrael is talking to her Dad. The girls scream “road trip” and they are then taken to a dessert. Its really hot in the dessert. Jay is coming at them. They will be “models lost in the dessert.” They are made up and introduced to the photographer. Bianca does good when she is photographed. Heather is still sad, and when it is her turn to take a picture, she is looking very lost and awkward. Chantal is frustrated with the direction she is given, but does good. Saliesha just looks like a model, and she plays up the theme of “frustration”. Ambrael is posing, and gets it for once! Jenah looks really good in her shot. Lisa worried about producing a good shot, but didn’t work the garment.

Bianca talks to Heather, but she’s working her brain! Ambrael talks about how stuff is hard, and Heather is still geeked.

Time for eliminations:

Jenah did good on her pic, it was thought of as being fantastic, with the body language which was all over in a fantastic way. She was thought of as special and “great”.

Lisa had a dramatic picture but didn’t emphasize her body. The judges thought she was getting worse, going down the tubes, and not “fresh” anymore.

Saliesha had attitude in her pic, but it wasn’t striking, and she has to take more chances. She was thought to be drop dead gorgeous, and most aggressive.

Bianca has lots of attitude, shows dress well, and did a fashion picture. Bianca was confident, strong and amazing!

Chantal had the best picture to date. Legs looked longer. She’s pretty, but not a superstar; but has a Cheryl Tiegs look.

Heather was suprising in a joyous way, had a good shot, but wasn’t the best. She was mysterious, with her music video style shot.

Ambrael looked beautiful, but seemed to be hiding the clothes.

An oriental dragon came out, saying that “The lion told them they were going to China, but one will not be going.” That one turned out to be Ambrael. I liked her, but for these judges at this point, she just didn’t really have any way of convincing the judges she was up to par and deserved to be there. Hate to see a fellow Howard University student go down like that, but she had it coming. Oh well.

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