Monday, December 31, 2007

Models I Liked 2007

Model I liked in a video...Hands down, the beautiful model Annie Klarinaz was smoking hot in Akons "Dont Matter" video. See more of her on H20-Hip Hop On Demand.

Videos I Liked With Alot of Models...There were so many out this year, but the ones I liked the best were that Young Berg's "Sexy Lady" Remix, Rich Boy's "Good Things" and Akon's "I Want to Love You".

Supermodels I Liked...Heidi Klum was a knockout in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year, and I didn't know she could sing until I saw the routine with her husband Seal.Tyra Banks was doing her thing this year, enough to be named Woman of the Year by OK Magazine. Naomi Campbell out of trouble this year, and got a new gig as a journalist with GQ!

Jet Magazine Beauties I Liked...Of course I was glad my girls Devorne Wade and Vannette Tolbert were in Jet, and I hope to see more of them in the New Year. I'd also love to see more of Lebrina Johnson, Sonoma Gordon, Topaz Thompson and Sydney Nicole Livingston!

Smooth Magazine Girls I Liked....Many beautiful models were in Smooth Magazine this year, but three of them were my favorites.Leonie Nicole was overwhelming, Ksyn was breathtaking in her Brazilian bikini, and I'd love to see more of the model Geri!

Magazine Cover I Liked...Coco's (Ice-T's wifey) cover of the January issue of Smooth Magazine was amazing. She practically stared me down every time I saw the magazine until I just had to buy it!

Magazine I Liked...Hands down, the best was The Show Magazine. Every time it came out, I just had to have it before it sold out. I especially liked the Latina issue.

America's Next Top Model contestant I liked...My favorite ANTM contestant was Bianca. She was sexy, sassy, lovely and bitchy at the same time. Not only did she make the show more interesting, but she had to have been the hottest contestant I have seen. I defintely want to see more of her in 2008.

Urban Model I Liked....Angel Lola Luv was everywhere this year; the XXL Magazine Eye Candy of the Year, the focus of her own magazine put together by the people behind Black Men's Magazine, on the cover of KING, #2 in the Smooth Girls 2007 list, in videos and everything. This was a banner year for Miss Angel.

Stories of the year....Kudos to model Brooke Bailey for speaking up on NPR about what she does as a music video model. This came after the nasty Don Imus comment and the whole hip hop debate that resulted. Check out the Brooke Bailey segment on NPR.

That's it for this year. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Models in the news....

VIDEO: Vida Guerra’s Hot Butt Her best feature is her butt! The pics of her naked body got on the Internet after they were stolen from her cell phone. Read more on Javno.

Congratulations to Tyra Banks for being woman of the year by OK! Magazine...check out the story here.

Style Watch in Post Gazette-10 fashion statements worth revisiting!

Very stupid story from Media Take Out-evidence that Angel Lola Luv's booty is fake? Of course its real...I think. But that's my girl for real anyways so it dont make a difference whether it is or isn't.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This story about Naomi Campbell getting into journalism is interesting. Apparently she will be working for GQ Magazine and meeting with controversial high profile figures Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. The end result of that will probably be a top story in 2008 if it happens. Being that those two are on the USA's s--t list, and Fidel is on his way out in Cuba, and even though Naomi is from Britain, what comes of that will be relevant. More about this story on Javno!Plus, I like this picture of Naomi in that "peace" t-shirt. That shirt is hot, and Naomi makes it hotter. Pic from Javno.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Season's Greetings:meet Cyn!

Cyn is the beautiful, radiant Haitian model from Brooklyn NY. What I like about Cyn is she is what I call "beautifully mixed"; and exotic mixture of Dominican and white as well. This mixture along with her skin tone and mesmerizing eyes make her irresistable! Cyn is all over the net, but I first saw her on Myspace. However, you will find out by reading below that she's more than just a model with a pretty face and a bomb body. Holler at this model on Myspace, and say Season's Greetings to the versatile Cyn!

First of all, where are you from and what city, state or town are you representing? Brooklyn NY Baby!

What are your measurements? 34-24-36

Your look is really exotic. What is your ethnic background? My family is originally from Haiti, we have a few mixes here and there though (Dominican, white)

Why did you want to become a model? Its always been something I've wanted to do! It looks so glamorous and like a lot of fun so I gave it a try!

If you were single and somebody set you up on a blind date, and you got the prospects phone # and called him before the date, how would you describe yourself and what would you tell him would be a good reason to date you? I would describe myself as an Exotic beauty! And a good reason to date is that I AM different from the other girls although I'm sure they all say that.

I'm sure the fellas want to know-are you single or taken? SINGLE and mingling and loving every minute of it!

Who is your greatest influence and what help you to decide that you would love to be a model, and what do you bring to the modeling field or game? My greatest influence I would have to say, my mom. She keeps me confident and grounded.

What do you like to do in your free time? Free time I like to travel, Read, watch TV and hang out with friends.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? I love Miami, after that I'd have to say Cabo Mexico.

If you were a piece of candy, what would it be and why? Red hot's! B/c I'm sweet and spicy!!!

What was your first kiss like? My first kiss was wet and sloppy

Another question I’m sure the fellas will want to know, what are you most likely to wear to the beach? Well to the beach it's definitely a sexy 2 piece To bed? Nothing To the club, if you go to clubs? To the club some thing form fitting, sexy and revealing.

What is your most defining feature? Well I'd say my lips and eyes are what most people notice first and compliment me on all the time.

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get a lot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention? Well as overwhelming annoying and innappropriate as it can be @ times I stay grounded and try to be as nice as possible.

What's the worst opening line you have heard? "Your parents must be 2 nickels because your a dime "

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of? KING

If you had a choice of videos, which one would you be in? A dirty south crunk video or would you go R&B? As much as I love that crunk music I'd have to go with R&B. I'd be the sexy leading lady in the video.

What is your favorite part about being a model? Being pretty, sexy and being able to work with different people on a regular basis.

Which do you prefer, runway modeling or just photo shoots? I definitely prefer photo shoot,most ppl don't know this but I am VERY shy, obviously I have to swallow my fear and do what I have to do but I definitely prefer the privacy of a regular shoot.

What’s the best advice ever given to you and what are your goals in terms of being a model? Be patient and things will fall into place

Who do you prefer, Tyra or Naomi? Definitely Tyra

I've seen you on Myspace, are you on any other sites? Modelmayhem, Modelcoast, MoBounce (sept/oct issue pg 30-39) , WWSMag, Got-Dammag, and Blackcuties.

My own web site
My Myspace pg

Anything else you want to throw out there to the people? Please stop by my website I'd love to hear what you think of my page - both positive and negative. Please leave a comment with your constructive feedback.

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word.....Versatile

Cyn's "favorites":

Color- hot pink
Type of flower- Daisy
Type of car- BMW 650 drop top/Mercedes Benz Cls 550 coupe
Musician R.kelly
Brand of jeans-
Brand of lingerie- Vickies
Movie- Napoleon Dynamite hehe
Type of food- Love all west indian food
Mixed drink- Mojito
Sports Team- n/a
Day of the week- Sunday! Its such a relaxing day
Actor or Actress- Morris Chesnut, he's so dreamy
Rapper- Weezy baby!! His swagger is ridiculous!
Book- The color of water
Free time activity- reading
Perfume- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Celebrity Lil Wayne
Flavor of Ice Cream- Vanilla
Type of kiss- Soft pecks

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

ANTM-and the winner is Saliesha!

I'm not summarizing the last show, because it went so fast. One model gone, then the winner. But I am glad that Saliesha won! Despite the controversey (people saying she cheated, she worked with Tyra etc.) I think that she was the best one! Still got love for Bianca though. Was this season the best? Nope. Hopefully the next ANTM season will be better.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buffie the Body: When assets become liabilities

Can believe I found a picture of Buffie actually sitting, not showing her booty! Check out this article and picture I found about Buffie the Body by Ben Westhoff in Creative Loafing. Here's a sample....

Betty Grable had her legs, Pamela Anderson has her breasts, and Buffie "the Body" Carruth seems to have the whole world in her pants.

Carruth's 45-inch derriere has turned the Athens, Ga., native and former stripper into an international celebrity. Men from all over the world order her DVDs and pin-up calendars, and her MySpace inbox is constantly flooded with marriage proposals – not to mention other, more immodest requests. Every month she crisscrosses the country to make appearances at bars, nightclubs, racetracks or anywhere else willing to pay her $3,000-$4,000 appearance fee. But along the way she has come to embody what critics view as rampant sexism and exploitation in hip-hop culture.

As half-naked, bootylicious women became a staple of modern rap videos over the last decade, the line between video model and groupie got blurred. Though Carruth defends her industry and denies being exploited, she regularly receives mail from people who allege she's a poor role model whose actions perpetuate age-old stereotypes about black women.
Check out the rest and comment on this on Creative Loafing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Maybelline New York Signs New Supermodel Jessica White

SOURCE: PRNEWSWIRE NEW YORK, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Maybelline New York announces that Jessica White, the stunning and elegant supermodel, has become Maybelline New York's newest spokesperson. She joins Maybelline New York's prestigious roster including Christy Turlington, Erin Wasson, Adriana Lima, Tomiko Fraser, Julia Stegner, and Zhang Ziyi.

At 16, Jessica was discovered in her hometown of Buffalo, NY and made the brave move to Paris. Within six months, she landed campaigns for Chloe and the Gap. Soon, Jessica was walking the runways for New York's top designers including Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger. She also landed in the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue.

Jessica's big break to supermodel status came in 2003 when she was chosen for Sports Illustrated's famed Swimsuit issue. Jessica went on to model in the next four successive issues. This was a first in history for an African American woman. Jessica quickly made headlines and was deemed the new Iman by the international press.

In 2006, her supermodel title was solidified when she appeared on the catwalk of the famed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. At 23, Jessica is poised to be an absolute star in the industry.

Jessica represents the essence of the Maybelline woman: she is sophisticated, worldly-wise, and involved. In her spare time Jessica works on a charitable foundation she founded called "Angel Wings" which provides under privileged children in her hometown of Buffalo an opportunity to have new experiences and follow their dreams just as she has.

"We are thrilled to have Jessica White representing Maybelline New York," says Serena Giovi, Vice President of Marketing for Maybelline New York*Garnier. "Her striking beauty and spark for life, makes her a perfect choice for our brand."

Jessica is elated to be under contract with Maybelline New York alongside one of her favorite models of all time Christy Turlington. "Maybelline products are a part of every woman's life and I am so honored to represent the African American community for a brand I have grown up with," says Jessica.

Jessica has worked with the world's top photographers such as Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti, Craig McDean, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino, Inez and Vinoohd, Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus and David Sims. Jessica also appeared in the movie "Big Momma's House 2" as well as a music video for singer John Legend and rapper Jay-Z.

Jessica will make her sensational television and print debut for Maybelline New York in February 2008.

About Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York is the number one cosmetic brand in the U.S. and globally and is available in over 90 countries worldwide. Offering more than 200 products, Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulations with on trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a cool, urban edge. For more information, log on to for the latest news on product introductions, seasonal trends and advice from Maybelline New York's online beauty advisor.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

My favorite contestant, Bianca is gone.....

The girls enter all laughing and smiling, and they get a “Heather Mail”, and they read it, and she refers to the girls as her “family”. Bianca comments, positively I might add. The girls go to Bejing. Kevin, their tour guide, gives them a tour, and Bianca is learning a lot. Bianca wants Jeenah to shut up from being so “perky”. Miss Jay comes in one of those Chinese wagons. Twiggy and Miss Jay introduce the next challenge and 4 Chinese beauties with really hot Chinese names (Dio Chan, Xi Shi, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun) Bianca sees this and she is like wanting it to end! Its not her thing, but when in China, you know the rest. She’s blown by the scenery though, and then by the new living quarters.

The next Tyra mail refers to China’s Great Wall. The girls all put on the outfits of the four beauties specified earlier. Twiggy and Miss Jay give them a challenge and money to buy new stuff to make them look hot! Bianca gets shoes and a nice bag. Bianca then goes to the other side of the mall, and deceives Jeenah, taking her out of the mall to nowhere. Bianca, what is wrong with you? Jeenah is trying to find what Bianca told her about. Jeenah finally realizes that you can’t trust Bianca, and she responds by saying to herself “That bitch”. The girls find out they will be in 17 Magazine if they win a walk contest to practice rippin’ the runway. Bianca’s walk was seen as a cute idea. Jeenah’s walk flowed. Saliesha needed more personality. Chantal did good with her yellow shoes. Jeenah ended up winning, and she picked Chantal to share with her the prize. Bianca does not care; she realizes it was her actions that were to blame but she is fierce!

Chantal is trying on Asian dresses. Miss Jay gives her walking tips. The next Tyra mail is a reference to outer space. Bianca just knows she will win. She doesn’t want to leave until she wins. Jeenah starts tripping and getting crazy, because she misses her friends and stuff. Saliesha gets all giggly about the Great Wall, while Bianca says that she is “feeding off their energy”, whatever that means. They met Miss Jay, and the photographer turns out to be Tyra! She says she wants strong faces. Though their hair is changed, Jeenah is feeling pressure. Tyra is a soldier! Bianca is thinking of Bianca! Jeenah, she’s just whining, and she’s nervous. Her desire to win ultimately wins out. Chantal feels good about her shoot; and she does work it! Bianca realizes that she has to impress Tyra. Though Tyra gives her a lot of direction, her photos were struggling in the first couple of frames. Saliesha catches the shoot well, embodying the “Crouching Falcon” ideal, utilizing the environment and creativity. Now the girls take a picture together. Bianca needs to work her chin. Bianca gets mad at Saliesha for putting her bun in her face. Bianca feels bad about what went down today, but she feels Chantal is bland, Saliesha does live up to her experience, and Jeenah is still just trippen’.


Jenah- She’s acting in the picture, but she’s getting lost in the outfit, and nothing stood out to make Tyra remember the shoot. She starts whining about being homesick, and gives her “swan song” speech, as the judges called it. She stood out in the group shoot.

Chantal-She took the picture to the next level; she relaxed and did it! Her photo was deemed by the judges to be the strongest. Her eyes looked away from the camera in the group shoot.

Saliesha-She looked beautiful and did a good job! In the group shoot, she was in the center.

Bianca-This is my favorite of the series as far as contestants go, but I have to agree that she was extremely awkward and second guessed herself. Bianca explained that she improved, and Tyra agreed that she did come a long way, but the picture was just alright. The judges noticed Bianca’s eyes in the group shoot. In the end, they felt she was the least natural model, and takes too long to learn (wow, what a difference 1 photo shoot makes in this series) As a result, she was eliminated. Though I didn’t want to see this happen, Bianca is going to do bigger and better things!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Smooth Girl 200

Just got the ever popular "Holiday Special Edition" of Smooth Magazine. In it are pictures of Deelishis. The bloggers at Bossip come to the conclusion that her booty is real. I never questioned it, but on the real I never thought about it to begin with!

In the holiday edition also comes my favorite part, the Smooth Girl 100! Most urban models know that the Smooth Girl 100 is very important to their careers; its like a who's who of Urban models! The top 10 are the basic, most famous urban models (and some celebrities who just look good):
1) Coco
2) Deelishis
3) Angel
4) Vida Guerra
5) Buffie the Body
6) Maliah
7) Esther Baxter
8) Melyssa Ford
9) Gloria Velez
10)Layla El

Also in Smooth is a pictorial of the beautiful and voluptous Leonie Nicole. She says she doesn't consider herself a model, but Im sure most of us agree, she's a model for real. Holler at me Leonie if you want an interview! Check out more pics of her at BlackJackSkanz!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Check out this clip from the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! Also, check out this funny breakdown of the show on IFilm! Funny quote:
Anybody notice Heidi Klum's last name rhymes with va-va-va-voom? The sexiest mother in America has just kick-started the sexiest fashion show, like, ever and, let me just say, I'm, uh, already excited. The opening skit, in which Heidi insists she's just another working mom, is kind of lame, especially some bad special effects planting her kid on her back as she does sit-ups, but I'm secretly enjoying the way she's rubbing her body - perfect after three kids - in mothers' faces everywhere. You show 'em, Heidi!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Heidi Klum & Seal

ABC News Celeb Watch: Heidi Klum Relishes Her Model Family Life:The Supermodel's Home Life Is Just About as Perfect as Her Body

Sunday, December 02, 2007

ANTM #11-Goodbye Heather.....

Heather recalls how badly she did in her commercial segment. Jeenah starts saying that Heather should’ve been sent home. They get a Tyra mail, which specifies their next challenge; to do “go-sees.”, as the experienced Saliesha puts it. Before you know it, they are racing to see these designers, after getting a mouthful of Chinese from a Chinese model. Saliesha catches up with her designer, but he doesn’t like Saliesha. They don’t really “click”. Heather is struggling, but cannot find her “go see”. Chantal and a designer don’t hit it off, so its not only Saliesha who has bad luck with these designers. Bianca impresses a designer with her walk; they like her! Jeenah meets a designer, they hit it off. This is the one who hates all the others; but he likes Jeenah.

Heather is now struggling; she hasn’t seen one designer yet, but all the other models are on their second. Saliesha goes through it steadily. Heather gets to “go see #1”. Heather is embarrassed and has trouble with her walk and eye contact. Jeenah has problems connecting with her next “go see”. Bianca competes with Saliesha, and she is funny when referring to Saliesha as a bitch. Then Saliesha throws Bianca off. Jeenah is hating on Saliesha. Chantal and all the rest of the models get stuck in traffic. Heather loses her cabbie; and Jeenah laughs at her, as does Bianca.

Chantal gets left back, but finally gets back, and then Heather comes in. Saliesha and Bianca are the two finalists for the “go-see” challenge. The other girls try to give Heather encouragement. The girls go out to this restaurant which is hip and cool. Bianca was nervous, and Saliesha had the problem of her pictures looking the same. Bianca ends up winning the challenge, her first win on the show! Bianca now knows she will be the next top model! The next photo shoot will be with lions.

The models meet Jay and Saliesha gets nervous because Nigel, the judge, will be shooting pictures. The statement is made that the job of a model is to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Bianca does braids on one of the other models. Nigel will be a judge, so this shoot is so important. Jeenah acts sarcastic with Nigel, and the other girls take note. Hasn’t this scenario happened before? Anyways, Jeenah has to be coached, but she just doesn’t have the energy. Saliesha does it right, and she is so confident. Bianca is looking mean, but she steps up. Chantal is forcing the pose, but improves. Heather decides just to “win it”, but her poses are unsure and she is second guessing herself. For Heather, its all mental. Chantal is freaking out at the thought of eliminations.


Chantal-was 20 minutes late for her go see, was likable, but needs to wear nude underwear. She had strong photographs but they were too fixed, and she was too geeked over one compliment. They say she still “worked it out”.

Bianca- The challenge winner who booked 2 jobs! Her body language was strong, face was plain. She wasn’t fluid in her motions and she needs to relax. The judges were split on her pic though.

Jeenah-was 45 minutes late, and she needs to be personable, but was messy looking. She did really good fashion pic, but Nigel points out the sarcasm directed at him. He sasses her! She’s just got attitude, and they cant get past that.

Saliesha-Has a very good personality, and was Nigel’s first person to shoot. She had the best photo shoot! She’s just “edging on the steps of high fashion!”

Heather-was 40 minutes late, and only made one go-see. Miss Jay said she needs a “top model ass whopping.” Nigel said she is very stiff but the picture is good. She just needs to move for the camera.

In the end, it came down to Heather being eliminated. I hated to see her go, but although she had the ideal look and took great pictures, she just couldn’t handle all the other aspects of being a model. She needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet, be confident and get some experience.