Sunday, December 02, 2007

ANTM #11-Goodbye Heather.....

Heather recalls how badly she did in her commercial segment. Jeenah starts saying that Heather should’ve been sent home. They get a Tyra mail, which specifies their next challenge; to do “go-sees.”, as the experienced Saliesha puts it. Before you know it, they are racing to see these designers, after getting a mouthful of Chinese from a Chinese model. Saliesha catches up with her designer, but he doesn’t like Saliesha. They don’t really “click”. Heather is struggling, but cannot find her “go see”. Chantal and a designer don’t hit it off, so its not only Saliesha who has bad luck with these designers. Bianca impresses a designer with her walk; they like her! Jeenah meets a designer, they hit it off. This is the one who hates all the others; but he likes Jeenah.

Heather is now struggling; she hasn’t seen one designer yet, but all the other models are on their second. Saliesha goes through it steadily. Heather gets to “go see #1”. Heather is embarrassed and has trouble with her walk and eye contact. Jeenah has problems connecting with her next “go see”. Bianca competes with Saliesha, and she is funny when referring to Saliesha as a bitch. Then Saliesha throws Bianca off. Jeenah is hating on Saliesha. Chantal and all the rest of the models get stuck in traffic. Heather loses her cabbie; and Jeenah laughs at her, as does Bianca.

Chantal gets left back, but finally gets back, and then Heather comes in. Saliesha and Bianca are the two finalists for the “go-see” challenge. The other girls try to give Heather encouragement. The girls go out to this restaurant which is hip and cool. Bianca was nervous, and Saliesha had the problem of her pictures looking the same. Bianca ends up winning the challenge, her first win on the show! Bianca now knows she will be the next top model! The next photo shoot will be with lions.

The models meet Jay and Saliesha gets nervous because Nigel, the judge, will be shooting pictures. The statement is made that the job of a model is to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Bianca does braids on one of the other models. Nigel will be a judge, so this shoot is so important. Jeenah acts sarcastic with Nigel, and the other girls take note. Hasn’t this scenario happened before? Anyways, Jeenah has to be coached, but she just doesn’t have the energy. Saliesha does it right, and she is so confident. Bianca is looking mean, but she steps up. Chantal is forcing the pose, but improves. Heather decides just to “win it”, but her poses are unsure and she is second guessing herself. For Heather, its all mental. Chantal is freaking out at the thought of eliminations.


Chantal-was 20 minutes late for her go see, was likable, but needs to wear nude underwear. She had strong photographs but they were too fixed, and she was too geeked over one compliment. They say she still “worked it out”.

Bianca- The challenge winner who booked 2 jobs! Her body language was strong, face was plain. She wasn’t fluid in her motions and she needs to relax. The judges were split on her pic though.

Jeenah-was 45 minutes late, and she needs to be personable, but was messy looking. She did really good fashion pic, but Nigel points out the sarcasm directed at him. He sasses her! She’s just got attitude, and they cant get past that.

Saliesha-Has a very good personality, and was Nigel’s first person to shoot. She had the best photo shoot! She’s just “edging on the steps of high fashion!”

Heather-was 40 minutes late, and only made one go-see. Miss Jay said she needs a “top model ass whopping.” Nigel said she is very stiff but the picture is good. She just needs to move for the camera.

In the end, it came down to Heather being eliminated. I hated to see her go, but although she had the ideal look and took great pictures, she just couldn’t handle all the other aspects of being a model. She needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet, be confident and get some experience.

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