Sunday, November 25, 2007

ANTM #10-Goodbye to Lisa......

Video from Youtube!
The girls start out the show packing. Bianca as usual is hating on Heather, Lisa is discouraged, and they are leaving quick. But Heather is falling behind, moving really slow. They get all excited about their trip they are taking to China. Bianca even makes a statement that its exciting to be in China since everything is made in China! When they get to the building, they notice the apartment they are in is totally awesome. Heather is being too slow and didn’t even get to a bed. Saliesha and Heather go at it because Saliesha wants the big bed all to herself. Heather then proceeds to do what she usually does; freak out. The girls keep messing with her, especially a wise cracking Bianca!

Bianca says funny stuff about Heather and how others have to stand up for her because of her “disability or whatever”. The models then meet the Chinese photographer. The photographer does a fight with some other guy. The girls are then taught some basic martial arts. They go through the positions really fast, and they are just going too fast for Bianca, so she got “sour”. The models have to do the positions they were taught lifted up in the air. They are lifted with a bunch of ropes by the Chinese guys, and you can tell the pain and discomfort the models are experiencing. Lisa screams and carries on. Saliesha had fun with it! Bianca and Heather go up, and Heather rises to the occasion, while Bianca freaks out. Heather is helping Bianca, but Bianca just freezes up. Heather straight did it while Bianca was saying “I don’t wanna do this, I just want to model!” Heather wins a shopping spree and takes Chantal with her.

The first shoot is in Shanghai, and Jay emphasizes one thing; “Don’t try-do!” Lisa is determined to step her game up. Heather recognizes that she chokes up. The girls have to memorize a line. They do a line in a commercial shoot. Saliesha does good, mad energy and she hit it. Bianca does good but keeps messing up her line. She did do well in the end. Heather never gets it; and it gets to a point where Jay has to feed her the lines! She does alright. Jenah looked the part of a covergirl. Chantal did the next door girl thing. Lisa is so nervous, and gets all discouraged and upset because she focused on failing. She doesn’t perform. Lisa gets advise from Saliesha, but does not take it. At this point, I predict, Bianca and Lisa at the bottom 2. Heather says “I don’t want to go home.” What irony.

The eliminations:

Chantal is really cute, but wrinkles her nose. Her lesson is to learn to smile in the photos. The judgement on her is that she needs work.

Bianca was disqualified, and said she didn’t do the challenge of posing in the air because she doesn’t trust strangers. Her commercial was flawed and a mess, but they still saw her as “Black woman as queen”. She does need to smile though, and her commercial was weak!

Jenah just lacked charm, and wasn’t convincing, and her pictures were of a “queen of reckless abandon”. She wasn’t the best, and no better than before.

Saliesha looked beautiful, but she has to “watch her smile”. The judges say she has potential, and is getting better.

Heather was the challenge winner, but the TV commercial routine was a disaster! The question they asked themselves was “Can she hold it together?”

Lisa did a poor commercial, and was going to cry. The lesson in that was to let emotions go, and then work. Modeling industry is about constructive critique. They say she is wilted. In the end, she was sent home. Adios!

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