Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buffie the Body: When assets become liabilities

Can believe I found a picture of Buffie actually sitting, not showing her booty! Check out this article and picture I found about Buffie the Body by Ben Westhoff in Creative Loafing. Here's a sample....

Betty Grable had her legs, Pamela Anderson has her breasts, and Buffie "the Body" Carruth seems to have the whole world in her pants.

Carruth's 45-inch derriere has turned the Athens, Ga., native and former stripper into an international celebrity. Men from all over the world order her DVDs and pin-up calendars, and her MySpace inbox is constantly flooded with marriage proposals – not to mention other, more immodest requests. Every month she crisscrosses the country to make appearances at bars, nightclubs, racetracks or anywhere else willing to pay her $3,000-$4,000 appearance fee. But along the way she has come to embody what critics view as rampant sexism and exploitation in hip-hop culture.

As half-naked, bootylicious women became a staple of modern rap videos over the last decade, the line between video model and groupie got blurred. Though Carruth defends her industry and denies being exploited, she regularly receives mail from people who allege she's a poor role model whose actions perpetuate age-old stereotypes about black women.
Check out the rest and comment on this on Creative Loafing.

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