Sunday, December 09, 2007

My favorite contestant, Bianca is gone.....

The girls enter all laughing and smiling, and they get a “Heather Mail”, and they read it, and she refers to the girls as her “family”. Bianca comments, positively I might add. The girls go to Bejing. Kevin, their tour guide, gives them a tour, and Bianca is learning a lot. Bianca wants Jeenah to shut up from being so “perky”. Miss Jay comes in one of those Chinese wagons. Twiggy and Miss Jay introduce the next challenge and 4 Chinese beauties with really hot Chinese names (Dio Chan, Xi Shi, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun) Bianca sees this and she is like wanting it to end! Its not her thing, but when in China, you know the rest. She’s blown by the scenery though, and then by the new living quarters.

The next Tyra mail refers to China’s Great Wall. The girls all put on the outfits of the four beauties specified earlier. Twiggy and Miss Jay give them a challenge and money to buy new stuff to make them look hot! Bianca gets shoes and a nice bag. Bianca then goes to the other side of the mall, and deceives Jeenah, taking her out of the mall to nowhere. Bianca, what is wrong with you? Jeenah is trying to find what Bianca told her about. Jeenah finally realizes that you can’t trust Bianca, and she responds by saying to herself “That bitch”. The girls find out they will be in 17 Magazine if they win a walk contest to practice rippin’ the runway. Bianca’s walk was seen as a cute idea. Jeenah’s walk flowed. Saliesha needed more personality. Chantal did good with her yellow shoes. Jeenah ended up winning, and she picked Chantal to share with her the prize. Bianca does not care; she realizes it was her actions that were to blame but she is fierce!

Chantal is trying on Asian dresses. Miss Jay gives her walking tips. The next Tyra mail is a reference to outer space. Bianca just knows she will win. She doesn’t want to leave until she wins. Jeenah starts tripping and getting crazy, because she misses her friends and stuff. Saliesha gets all giggly about the Great Wall, while Bianca says that she is “feeding off their energy”, whatever that means. They met Miss Jay, and the photographer turns out to be Tyra! She says she wants strong faces. Though their hair is changed, Jeenah is feeling pressure. Tyra is a soldier! Bianca is thinking of Bianca! Jeenah, she’s just whining, and she’s nervous. Her desire to win ultimately wins out. Chantal feels good about her shoot; and she does work it! Bianca realizes that she has to impress Tyra. Though Tyra gives her a lot of direction, her photos were struggling in the first couple of frames. Saliesha catches the shoot well, embodying the “Crouching Falcon” ideal, utilizing the environment and creativity. Now the girls take a picture together. Bianca needs to work her chin. Bianca gets mad at Saliesha for putting her bun in her face. Bianca feels bad about what went down today, but she feels Chantal is bland, Saliesha does live up to her experience, and Jeenah is still just trippen’.


Jenah- She’s acting in the picture, but she’s getting lost in the outfit, and nothing stood out to make Tyra remember the shoot. She starts whining about being homesick, and gives her “swan song” speech, as the judges called it. She stood out in the group shoot.

Chantal-She took the picture to the next level; she relaxed and did it! Her photo was deemed by the judges to be the strongest. Her eyes looked away from the camera in the group shoot.

Saliesha-She looked beautiful and did a good job! In the group shoot, she was in the center.

Bianca-This is my favorite of the series as far as contestants go, but I have to agree that she was extremely awkward and second guessed herself. Bianca explained that she improved, and Tyra agreed that she did come a long way, but the picture was just alright. The judges noticed Bianca’s eyes in the group shoot. In the end, they felt she was the least natural model, and takes too long to learn (wow, what a difference 1 photo shoot makes in this series) As a result, she was eliminated. Though I didn’t want to see this happen, Bianca is going to do bigger and better things!

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