Friday, December 07, 2007

Smooth Girl 200

Just got the ever popular "Holiday Special Edition" of Smooth Magazine. In it are pictures of Deelishis. The bloggers at Bossip come to the conclusion that her booty is real. I never questioned it, but on the real I never thought about it to begin with!

In the holiday edition also comes my favorite part, the Smooth Girl 100! Most urban models know that the Smooth Girl 100 is very important to their careers; its like a who's who of Urban models! The top 10 are the basic, most famous urban models (and some celebrities who just look good):
1) Coco
2) Deelishis
3) Angel
4) Vida Guerra
5) Buffie the Body
6) Maliah
7) Esther Baxter
8) Melyssa Ford
9) Gloria Velez
10)Layla El

Also in Smooth is a pictorial of the beautiful and voluptous Leonie Nicole. She says she doesn't consider herself a model, but Im sure most of us agree, she's a model for real. Holler at me Leonie if you want an interview! Check out more pics of her at BlackJackSkanz!

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