Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Covergirl: Tyra Banks

Tyra banks gets another cover and interview! Here are excerpts from Pop Culture Junkie:

Tyra on Oprah:

”Oprah Winfrey is a mogul. Martha Stewart is a mogul. I’m probably a mogul in the making. I’m almost there.”

Tyra on her childhood in Inglewood:

”I used to want to write commercials as a kid,” ”I used to tell my mom, ‘Mom, they didn’t end the commercial right. They should have ended it on the burger, ’cause they’re trying to sell the burger, and they ended on the lady’s face and I don’t even remember if it’s McDonald’s or Wendy’s anymore.”’

Tyra on her mother’s words of wisdoms:

”Even as a model I used to think ‘brand,””’My mom always told me, ‘Plan for the end at the beginning. You’re gonna have to retire really early like an athlete, and then what are you gonna do after?”’ ”So I always looked at it knowing that there was something after.”

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