Monday, March 31, 2008

Interview w/actress & model Rose Marie Reyes

Rose Marie is a hot Dominican model who lives in the NYC. What I like about her is her versatility. This aspiring actress has been all over the place on the net, in music videos and in the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend” . I also like that she’s slim yet shapely in all the right places! Check out my interview with the talented and unique model Rose Marie!

Why did you first get into modeling, and what turns you on about being in front of the camera? I started modeling about 2 years ago. What turns me on is that I can express my sensuality and sexiness through images, that can be seen by everyone.

You were in that movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. Did you get to meet Will? Yes, I met Will. He's a legend lol! I remember a time when there where problems with the camera and we had to stand in the cold for about 2 hours he stood out and performed for us.

Now that you have been in a major motion picture, what are you leaning more, being an actress or a model? I'm glad you ask that b/c I just recieved my headshots, I'm going to focus on acting only in 08'.

If modeling is about image, what is the image that your try to project in your pictures? Sexy with class. I'm very cautious with the quality of work that a photographer can provide. You can end up looking dirty in your images if you're aren't cautious.

I see from your portfolio you’ve had lots of experience. What is your most memorable experience? I would say working with G-Unit (50 Cent "I Get Money" ) video. Yayo picked me at the casting for the video, and when I arrived at the set they made me feel comfortable. I had a really good time. I visit them often at G-Unit Records.

What do you say to all the models trying to come up? How can they get to that point of doing as much as you have done? Models need to understand that their pictures represent them, when building a portfolio you need to invest in a photographer that will provide you with quality work. That was really my first step.

The fellas want to know, are you single or taken? Fellas, I'm taken.

For any man to “step correct” to you, what do you suggest? Strike an interesting conversation. A man needs to have a good head on his shoulders, he needs to be able to let me be me. Being affectionate works well for me, I want to feel wanted.

What is the oddest opening line that you have ever gotten? A photographer at a shoot told me he would suck my toes, even though he thought that was nasty. That was weird to me.

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done? Do you regret it? Craziest thing? I would say having sex in a cab. The cab driver saw us through the mirror and ask that we stop, lol. I don't regret it, I think the thought of getting caught made it better!

Do you like Morris Chestnut or Brad Pitt? The rapper Pitbull or reggaetton star Daddy Yankee? Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks? Brad Pitt. Daddy Yankee. Tyra Banks.

Where can people see more of you? My website or

I’m so glad that I got a chance to talk to you, so for my last question, I just want you to sum up your style and look in one word……Unique

Check out Rose Marie on ModelCoast ,Soak Mag , Pixacom and ZL Models!


Kitia said...

I love her, she's petite and has managed to break through the urban industry!

GangGreeng2k said...

She sexy!

GangGreeng2k said...


UniqueTisha said...

I met her last year she's so eff'n hot with a promising future.

UniqueTisha said...

I met her last year she's so eff'n hot w/ a very promising future.