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Interview with Malique, founder of ModelsbyMalique

ModelsbyMalique is a modeling agency started by Malique, a man with years of experience in the modeling industry. On this weblog I like to educate people about the business behind the modeling industry, in an effort to educate aspiring models and others who want to get into this industry. With this in mind, I wanted to interview the man behind ModelsbyMalique, Malique. Not only that, this week I will be focusing in on the lovely ladies of ModelsbyMalique. But first , check out my informative interview with model agent Malique!

First of all, tell me about your modeling agency and what you do.

I am a successful Model Agent that travels the world in search of beauty, and I run a first-class agency that has a world-wide reputation for treating its Models with the respect and dignity that all women of the world deserve to be treated with. ModelsByMaliqueis a Model Agency and Model Referral Agency that helps connect Models to Model Agencies, Commercial / VideoProducers, Professional Photographers, and MagazineOwners. ModelsByMalique is also known for portraying our Models in extremely classy and eloquent photo shoots only taken by top-notch Photographers, and also helps many aspiring Models free of charge!!

How long have you been working with models and workingin the modeling business?

I have been in the Modeling business for the past seven years.

How did you get into the modeling business?

I was a Music Producer and Agent before I became a Model Agent, so I was always in need of Models for videos and promotional events.Working with Models allowed me to hear many horrific stories from aspiring Models desperate to break into the Modeling Industry that could not afford the high cost of Professional Photographers, Wardrobe Stylist,Travel,Comp-Cards, and Modeling Portfolios, finding themselves desperately taking dangerous risk like traveling thousands of miles to meet total strangers who claimed to be professional photographers only to find them to be psychos and/or frauds, and in famous cases in which Aspiring Models spending thousands of dollars on professional photographs (requested by an Agency)only to find their money stolen and without a modeling contract. So I decided to start the ModelsByMalique Agency to help as many serious Models and aspiring Models as I possibly can.

For anybody wanting to do what you are doing, how do you suggest they start?

I would suggest that the aspiring Agent do plenty of research to assure that there is a need and/or desire for the type of Models they plan on representing, and that they do countless hours of networking to make sure that they have the proper connections that it will take to secure jobs that are desirable and appealing to top-notch Models. The absolute most important thing is make sure that your Models are not only sexy, but unique, dependable, photogenic, easy towork with, and keep the hunger to take the industry bystorm!

What is your biggest challenge in working in the modeling business?

Well, there a 2 equally big challenges. The first challenge is getting models to aspire to think big and long-term because every modeling offer is not a good offer, meaning that one video or photoshoot with the wrong magazine could result in a model being negatively type-cast for life!! The second is getting Models to understand the importance of deadlines.

When working with a model or potential model, what do you look for in anybody you work with?

Although ModelsByMalique works with Models with many different shapes, sizes, and colors, I like to think that all of my Models have what I like to call "the Models By Malique look", this look consist of style, sex appeal, and class! When a client or fan looks at our Models, they may find a particular Model to be more to their personal liking, but they are always going to leave our portfolio, website, fashion show, or magazine with a sense that they have just beheld visions of beauty. With all the ways to get exposure, like the net and all the magazines, it seems easy to get into the business and then you have all the websites out there that cater to anybody who wants to come up in the business.

What do you suggest to any prospective model before they invest their time and money going the “netmodel” route?

Ten Tips for Models - With the Internet in Mind

Getting started:
*Ask yourself if you are serious about modeling.

*Take an honest look at yourself and decide what type of modeling would be best for you.

*Find some books on modeling and/or photography.

*Get some photos taken that you can be proud of andmake sure people see them.

*Get some photos scanned and get some web space somewhere. If you have to, use free web servers likeTripod, or Geocities.

*Put your portfolio on some of the popular modeling sites.

*Visit some modeling message boards and read some posts to learn what you can about modeling.

*Post some messages with some pertinent info and photos.

*Be honest, reliable, and enthusiastic. Go for it!

Who are your favorite popular models (like Angel LolaLuv, Melyssa Ford, Lyric) out there, and who out there do you wish you had worked with before they achieved fame?

Victoria's Secret "Angel,Selita Ebanks, Naomi Campbell, and Melyssa Ford. If I had the oppertunity to work with Models before they acheived fame, the Models would be: Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Tell us about some of the models you are working with?

ModelsbyMalique has had the pleasure of working with thousands of beautiful women from all over the world, professional and amateur. I would like for this article to focus on our latest acquisitions of beauty.

What is the future of ModelsbyMalique?

As long as there are beautiful women and Connoisseurs of beauty, ModelsByMalique will not only be around, but shall always present to you the most beautiful women that the planet has to offer.

Before I wrap this up, anything else you want to throw out to the people reading this blog?

ModelsByMalique's goal is to redefine the preconceived thoughts of what Models of color represent. Far too many people in the industry feel that all Models of color only aspire to be is Video Vixens and take risqué photos for swimsuit magazines, but being a Model Agent and having inside knowledge of the business, I realize that stereotype couldn't be farther from the truth. On December 14, 2006 the Models By Malique Online Store was founded to help Models that can not afford to get into the business by arranging photo shoots with professional photographers, paying for their expenses, building their portfolios, and exposing their work to countless Agencies world-wide!! ALL of the images on our ModelsByMalique clothing were designed by professional designers from MAJOR clothing labels!!You can check our gear out at:

Check out ModelsByMalique on Myspace!

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