Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bio and hot pic:Toccara Dena!

My name is Toccara Dena'. I am a young model trying to break off into the modeling industry. I am a full time student at Elizabeth City State University Studying Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. *** Patience is a virtue. I am a full time student with a job so time does not come easy to me. If you want to shoot with me please be patient when we are setting up a time and date. If I said that I would shoot wth you I will. But just understand that my Education comes first. * I am a very nice person to work with. I Follow directions very well and I am open to constructive criticism. I love meeting and working with new people. * I have a little bit of experience and I am currently looking for photographers and other models as well to work with to gain more experience. I would like to do runway, fashion editorials, swim wear, urban wear, and if I am really comfortable after working with you for I while, I might even do tastful lingere and implied. I will NOT do any nude work. * I am also interested in helping Mua's and hairstyist with theyre portfolios. I would like to do hairshows in the future, so if anyone has one coming up please contact me. * I am also open for paid assignments. Compensation depends on the assignment. *If You would like to shoot with me and travel is needed, I might ask for traveling compensation. It all depends how far I have to go. * NOTE: I will bring an escort with me to all of my shoots, at least until I am very comfortable with you. My escort will not be in the way, and if asked they will even help out with the shoot. If there is a problem with me bringing an escort than I cannot work with you. *Some things you need to know 1. I have a long scar on my right thigh, but its not very noticible 2. I have a tatoo on my back dedicated to my deceased aunt who passed summer 06. 3. I am natural. I can acheive the straight lookbut it will be short. I also have no problem with wearing a wig or extentions if the straight look is required. 4. I have my belly button peirced.

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