Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot model Stephanie Perry!

Stephanie Perry is a model from West Palm Beach Florida. A seductive Virgo, she has lots of experience in modeling. She's been featured in many publications, fashion shows,promotional work,acting, and music videos featuring hip hop and R&B stars such as Young Jeezy,Ray J and T-Pain. Along with all that experience, she is a graduate of Florida A&M University. What I like about her is her exotic features which come from her multi-cultural background. It says in her bio, "this unique beauty is yet to take this world by storm." Check out this hot model Stephanie Perry, in this exclusive interview!

Where are you from and what city, state or town are you representing? West Palm Beach Florida

What are your measurements, height and weight? MM:34b-24-37,height 5'7,weight 115

What is your most defining feature? My whole body but my eyes are very catchy.

Why did you want to become a model? I didnt choose the game,the game chose me.

What is your favorite part about being a model? The fun and money.

What is sexy to you? Your body structure,you skin color,your drive,and your legs.

What would you say is your style? Unique and classy.

What are you most likely to wear to the beach? To bed? To the club, if you go to clubs? To the beach I will wear a bathing suit,to bed I wear boyshorts and a top and to the club i perfer a cache dress.

What turns you on and turns you off? Turn ons are your manhood and turn offs is dirty shoes.

You're in a club and a guy wants to step to you. What advice would you give that guy so he doesn't look like a lame? Come at me correct,like a gentleman.

Are you single or taken? Taken.

If you were a piece of candy, what would it be and why? Carmel because that what i taste like.

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get alot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention? I just look at it like compliments.

Where can people see more of you, and how can you be contacted for bookings? MY MYSPACE PAGE and BOOKING AT

Anything else you want to throw out there to the people? "Dreams are real"

I'm glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word..... UNIQUE

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Stephanies "favorites"

Color PINK
Type of flower SUN FLOWER
Type of car 2 SEATER
Brand of lingerie VS
Type of food SEAFOOD
Mixed drink PARTON
Day of the week SUNDAY
Actor or Actress HALLE BERRY
Free time activity SLEEP
Flavor of Ice Cream FRENCH VANILLA
Type of kiss FRENCH KISS


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