Monday, December 01, 2008

Mz Black

Mz. Black AKA Cherry Black is a lovely and luscious model from New York. She is new to the scene, but she is make her way in the business, being part of the Category_6 "Elite" girls and launching her own website.What I like about her is what stands out when you first look at her: her eyes. Of course she does have a nice shape but she's all about getting far and being as professional as can be in her modeling career. Check out my interview with the eclectic Cherry Black!

Where are you from? I was born and raised in the BX. I currently live in Westchester NY.

What are your measurements? 32-24-34

How long have you been modeling? Only about 7 months

Why did you want to become a model? I enjoy fashion, and in my everyday life I am always trying new looks and styles. Modeling allows me to experiment with different sides of myself.

What do you like about modeling? I love transforming. Hair, makeup and wardrobe brings out my alter ego lol.

What do you bring to the modeling field? Personality, which I try to express in every picture.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like spending time with my son and close friends, shopping, partying, and going out to eat.

Were is your favorite vacation spot? Unfortunately I haven’t done much traveling but I plan to visit Vegas in 09. I heard it was great!

If you were a piece of candy, what would it be and why? I would have to say a jawbreaker because you get a different sweet taste with each new layer and it’s long lasting.

What was your first kiss like? I don’t remember my 1st kiss so I’m guessing that means it wasn’t too good lol.

What are you most likely to wear to the beach? Ironically, I’m not a big fan of swimwear, so I would most likely wear a cute sundress. To bed?I love to sleep in oversized Tees. To the club, if you go to clubs? Anything that is trendy and eye catching.

What is your most defining feature? I would have to say my eyes. They are usually the first thing that demands attention!

Being as beautiful as you are, you must get a lot of attention day to day. How do you deal with all that attention?
Not all attention is good attention. I don’t let anything go to my head and just take it for what it’s worth.

If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of? Stuff Magazine

Which do you prefer, runway modeling or just photoshoots? Most def photoshoots.

What has been your most exciting experience as a model? I can’t pinpoint one thing, but I love meeting new and talented people!!

Who do you prefer, Tyra or Naomi? Tyra

I've seen you on Model Mayhem; are you on any other sites? I’m on lots of site, but the easiest way to find me is on

In the end, what impression do you hope to leave in the mind of anybody who sees you? Class and Sassiness
How can anybody contact you if they want to work with you?

I’m glad that I got a chance to catch up with you, so for my last question, I want you to sum up your style and yourself with one word..... Eclectic

Mz Black's "favorites”

Color: Black
Type of flower: callillies
Type of car: BMW
Brand of jeans: D&G
Brand of lingerie: LaPearla
Movie: Fight Club
Type of food: Junk food
Mixed drink: BayBreeze
Sports Team: I like boxing lol
Day of the week: Saturday
Actor or Actress: Christina Ricci
Rapper: JayZ
Book: The Hobbit
Free time activity: Going out to dinner
Perfume: Chanel No.5
Celebrity: Rihanna
Flavor of Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream
Type of kiss:
Soft and Slow (not messy)

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