Friday, January 16, 2009

Check out model/actress Dymond!

“NOTORIOUS DMV” – Model Actress Talent from the DMV makes her big screen debut in the highly anticipated movie “NOTORIOUS” which starts showing in theaters on January 16th 2009.

“Dymond” is model/actress talent that has been setting her goals and accomplishing them. She was casted for the role of a “Hot-Girl” in the movie NOTORIOUS and appears on screen during the recording session in which Biggie (Played by Jamal Woolard) lays down the breakout track “Juicy”.

Landing this role was quite an accomplishment for the 22 year old. She has been pursuing her dream of modeling and acting for about two years.

If you are involved in the DMV modeling scene you’ve most likely seen her in fashions shows, music videos and some magazines including the JET June16 2008.

To land the role in the Notorious movie, she actually sent in pictures and got picked to come up for the casting.

And how does Dymond feel about being casted in what may be the most important film about BIG: “The experience was wonderful. I've always been a fan of Bad Boy. I feel blessed to be a part of the production/movie about the “Greatest Rapper of all Time”... it’s something I will always remember. It was just a beautiful thing.

Be assured that this won’t be the last production in which you’ll see this rising star from the DMV.

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