Thursday, September 10, 2009

Naomi Goes Ballistic for Black Models

Naomi Campbell has continued to work as a supermodel despite being 39, but even though she's been able to defy fashion industry norms, she says black and other models of color are having a tough time in the recession.

"This year, we have gone back all the way that we had advanced," she told The Telegraph last week. "I don't see any black woman, or of any other race, in big advertising campaigns."

Naomi said Italian Vogue's Black Issue last summer "made some noise," but didn't actually cause any changes in how often minority models are booked. "People, in the panic of the recession, don't dare to put a girl of colour in their campaign, full stop," she added. "Nor of any other race. It's a shame. It's very sad."

Read the rest and check out the video at ABC News!

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