Thursday, November 05, 2009

Model to Mogul

Whether you are a beauty professional or a professional beauty, it’s important to take care of your body and overall health. Aging is inevitable, but there are ways that we can now say NO to accelerated aging and to keep our youth. As a former model, I can truly appreciate and attest to the fact that your health is truly your wealth and outer beauty begins from the inside out.

A healthy diet and a regular exercise routine are the building blocks of true beauty and ultimate success within the modeling industry. However we all know that as we ‘mature’ it’s not always so easy to just get up run 3-5 miles and follow up with a session of yoga and still be alert enough to make it to the photo shoot at noon. Let’s face it- your energy levels totally decrease after 25 and that’s why it’s important to incorporate a dietary supplement into your daily routine.

Celebrity Health was founded on the very principle that we are all rock stars and that our bodies deserve the celebrity treatment in order to live well, live strong and look great. The answer is not always in a tube of Botox, start taking the preventative steps now! As seen on TV, our products are highly acclaimed and sought after by athletes and celebrities alike. Max parties are the new botox parties. For more information or to set up a party call (850) 980-7066 or e-mail

If you think you have what it takes to be apart of the Celebrity Health Family- check out our site and give us a call and go from Model to Mogul!